Video Marketing Malaysia: The Ultimate Guide To Market Your Business Through Videos 2020

by Lavanyah Guna

Video Marketing Malaysia


Have you been astonished or amazed at how creative a video can get? I mean, those which are used for business marketing purposes which are able to make millions? Yes, you heard it right! It is all about the untold facts of video marketing in Malaysia.

Something that flashes into our mind when we talk about videos is the buffering that happen out of nowhere or even the ones which keep on loading till we get truly frustrated by just staring at the empty screen. 

Hey, on the other hand, don’t worry about them because we are far beyond those days.

If you are someone who is looking to start a new business or if you own a business, don’t miss out this opportunity to discover the wonders that video marketing does.

Do you know what video marketing is all about, yet?

What is Video?

Video is defined as a digital recording of an image or set of images that combine to form a moving picture. In addition, videos have been part and parcel in our lives since decades ago where we wake up to them in the morning till we hit the hay at night. 

Indeed, our lives revolve around them. From getting educational videos to trip videos, which we will be watching probably over and over again just to reminisce the wonderful memories we had, videos are never apart from us. 

What about marketing?

video marketing malaysia


Marketing is the act or technique of promoting your product or service. Let’s say that you have just launched an online mirziamov pet products shop and so, what do you do in order to make people become aware of your existence? The one and only answer is MARKETING. 

The 4Ps Element

It should be mentioned that 4Ps Element serves as a guide which helps to target the specific audience’s need or demands effectively.  

Accordingly, 4Ps stands for 

  • Product – It can either be the product (gifts, clothes, food) or service (advertising, massaging, pet grooming) too.
  • Place – The location where consumers purchase your products or services.
  • Promotion – Publicizing your product through social media or other communication mediums.
  • Price – The value of products or services. The expected amount that consumers will be paying.

What is Video Marketing? 

video marketing malaysia

The definition of video marketing is unsophisticated which means it is pretty simple and understandable. It is all about creating and producing a video in order to promote or market a product and service, raise awareness and close deals. 

In this era of millennials, video marketing has been a huge success as it can attract more consumers as the majority of them are tech-savvy.

In our country, Malaysia, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are among the popular sites that have been used for advertising or marketing.  

According to Silver Mouse, in 2018  Facebook ranked first with 70% which is approximately 16.8M users, followed by YouTube at  69% with 16.6M users and 11.8M users which is 49% for Instagram. 

As a result, it is crystal clear that products or services that have been advertised in social media sites can raise more awareness.

Types of Video Marketing in Malaysia

Yeayyy, since you have mastered the strategy, the next step it’s all about planning on how to create your actual video! Isn’t that exciting?

Meanwhile, before proceeding, you have several types of video to understand in accordance with the pros and cons that each type. Do you roughly have any idea on what those types are?

These are the most popular video types that one can use to promote their business. On the contrary, do not ever think that just because they are already popular, they might not shine through. 

#1. How-to video/tutorial? 

What do we do when we crave for spaghetti and come across a new spaghetti dish in the supermarket when we are walking down the aisle? 

Isn’t it obvious? I mean, besides grabbing the new one obviously, it is undeniable that our fingers will immediately start typing ‘How to cook ‘Spaghetti Goreng’’ This is how powerful a ‘how-to’ video is. 

The video shows how Barilla answered the question of the customers by providing a solution for it. This strategy is a pathway in winning their audiences’ trust and showing the reliance of the brand.

#2. Product review

Next, with the soaring number of counterfeit and knockoff products, the majority of consumers still prefer consulting their friends and family or even the Internet before purchasing a product. 

After all, do you think that people will trust you if you review your own product? Absolutely they will not, right? By taking that into consideration, you can send out some free products to influencers and ask them to give a review about them through a video. 

Additionally, consumers are most likely to purchase something when it is recommended by their loved ones.

It is an indisputable fact that this product review video is the best. In a certain way, this video engages with the audience more deeply with the element of humor, leaving a reason to taste the product

And yet, don’t we fall for someone that has a good sense of humor? But don’t fall too much as you might hurt yourself!

#3. Vlog

Vlogs can be characterized as the most cost-effective platform to market your product. Without a doubt, besides a camera or a smartphone, what else do you preferably need right? 

Furthermore, one of the best elements of a vlog is, it gives you a sense of human quality and it is very compelling when there is reason to have a lasting and exceptional bond with the audience. 

Most of us do follow and keep up with our favorite YouTube celebrities or even influencers and not the rest as we have no time or we probably do not know them.

Thus, when a celebrity or influencer does a vlog, it will surely be at full blast as it has the tendency to reach a variety or specifically the target audience.

Tom Farrel, a vlogger, unboxing boxes of products that Nike sponsored him. Later when he talks about each of them, it creates an urge for the viewers to get the products as well.

#4. Animation

Apart from humor skits, animated videos have the possibility to top the list for the most fun types of video marketing.

Primarily, animated videos can rank either high or low in your budget list. You can create an animated video using freemium softwares.

On the contrary, there are also applications and software where it is a prerequisite for you to subscribe before even experimenting it. 

Absolutely, a free umbrella that you received as a door gift would not be the same as the umbrella that you purchased from your favorite store months ago.

Animated videos are well known or most used as explainer videos. The reason behind this is the ability of an animated video to break down large, complicated topics into smaller chunks, leaving the audience with a clear understanding.

All 3 Laws of Newton have been explained well-using animation in this video. Therefore, this makes it easier for viewers, especially students to have a better insight into the topic.

With 83% of connected Malaysian watching online videos daily, video marketing can make a killing. 

Advantages of Video Marketing

#1. It captures all type of audience

In this modern era, people are chasing after their career and they have been swamped with tons of endeavour and responsibility. It makes them too busy to read long, detailed instructions. 

In accordance with the current trend of buyers which is to see the products physically or inaction without blindly believing in their existence, videos are the best approach for content marketing.

#2. An absolute way of building trust and credibility

Trust is the foundation of a business. Without trust, there is no way that your clients will approach you or your products. 

Without those elements, it is uncertain that you will be able to make it. 

Most importantly, the fact that many branded products can attract millions of viewers and audiences is due to the emotional engagement with them especially if it is a live video. People can notice their body languages and signals to identify if they are really trustworthy or not as live videos show everything as they are. 

This particular video from Apple spells out what can be done in their latest model which is the iPhone 11 which in a way creates confidence in people as they can already witness the wonders that it can perform.

#3. Grabs the attention of Google web buzzers

Ever since Google owns YouTube, there has been a number of advantages. The most decisive one is, it has an impact on your search engine ranks as a result of the videos that have been used or published.

According to the data from Miss Media, an average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that consists of videos. The more views a video obtains in any web pages, the more the trust which signals search engines that your site has good content.

#4. A platform for great ROI

Isn’t it great? In order to enlighten you, 83% of the businesses mentioned that video provides an outstanding return on investment. To be honest, video marketing can be quite a hassle but in the long term, it will transform your business into a cash cow.

For a company that particularly runs a business, there are 3 effective ways to improve ROI 

  • Prices of the products can be raised over time steadily but not too much as consumers would always find and go for reasonable prices.
  • The cost of productions or manufacturing can be reduced if there is a cost-effective way.
  • Promotions and deals can be done in order to increase sales. 

How To Build A Strategy for Video Marketing

Building a strategy is particularly important for a business. 

Video marketing strategy is an outline and aid for everything that you will be doing from the beginning such as storyboard creating, video editing and even advertising.

By following the strategy, you can already evaluate and analyse if you will succeed or fail.

Those are the steps for creating a good and potential video marketing strategy.

Step 1: Set your goals

Only by setting goals, you will have a way to work towards it as there will be an urgency for you to complete the specific task. As a result, you will not get lost and will be able to beat the clock.

The most important aspect that you will have to focus before curating content for your product or service is the content marketing funnel. 

In easy words, the content marketing funnel depicts the journey potential customers are going through when considering a purchase. There are 4 utmost stages of marketing funnel which are awareness, interest, decision and action.

  • Awareness – When your potential customer is concerned about the existence of your brand. They realise that your product is on the market. 
  • Interest – When they start having questions in themselves, which make them know more about your product. 
  • Decision – When they have figured out their problem and probably would have done many research and comparisons. They might be still in the dilemma of not knowing which one to choose or buy. So you direct them in a considerate manner towards your brand.
  • Action –  When they are in the final stage where they have made up their mind to purchase the product.
video marketing malaysia

Step 2: Know your target audience

Once you have decided which marketing funnel you are going to create a video on, it is crucial to know who will be watching your video. 

Obviously, if your target audience is young kids, you can’t be creating a video which is full of wordings and real-life scenes, where kids might be expecting some sort of animations and graphics. It will definitely be a flop if you do not create a video based on your intended audience. 

Since you know what your business is all about, there is no doubt that you can already guess or have a gist on who your audience will be. However, there are a few steps that you can follow to successfully identify your target audience such as 

  • Creating reader personas – Reading personas are the true desires and curiosities that make your readers stronger. They include real data, values, needs, problems, and interests.
  • Conducting frequent surveys – Make your questions as simple as possible because most of them would not want to spend minutes on just answering them. Make sure that your questions are relevant and thoughtful in order for you to know if there are any amends or improvements that you can make in your business. 
  • Make use of analytics or insights – As we are aware, social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube either have insights or analytics. By this, an entrepreneur can have a track on the demographic of their most active users and determine their interest, anytime and anywhere without having to spend a single penny.

Step 3: Stick to your timeline

We can’t deny the fact that everything we do has a timeline. From scratch to a well built product, everything has to go through a timeline.

Furthermore, the timeline plays a vital role when there are several teams or departments in your business. For instance, if you run an online gift store, there might be a designing, packaging and promotional team. Each of them will be assigned to their own responsibilities.  Thus, it is essential for everyone to keep up with progress, changes, and completion dates even before the project kicks off in order to make a way for success. 

But, why is it important to have a timeline?

  • It shows you your progress on how much you have accomplished
  • You will be eventually motivated to work harder
  • A positive impact can be created

Step 4: Keep up a reasonable financial plan

‘You have to spend money to make money’

I mean isn’t it true that in order to make earnings, we have to spend some?

Some people might have the perception that by breaking their bank, they will be able to make more profit. But what’s the point if you spend too much and you are not able to make a profit right? 

Spending too little money also does not assure you success where it can bring down your brand’s reputation. Such a scenario is possible to occur as most of the outstanding services for marketing will require you to at least invest some.

video marketing malaysia
Source : Pixabay

This is why you really have to analyse how much money is there in your account and act according to it. Getting the best service with an affordable price seems impossible, unless you are really willing to put in the effort.

Always take an extra mile by shopping around and doing research about marketing. Make comparisons among the industries on how much they charge for the services that you need such as video creation, audio and graphics editing and so on.

However, put your worries aside, as there is a cost free way.

If you have any employees who have a talent in creating and editing videos, they can always check out some free video marketing tools such as Storyboarder, by WonderUnit and Adobe Premier Rush. 

Top 4 Social Media Sites for Video Marketing

video marketing malaysia
Source : Pixabay

Almost every gadget now is installed with at least one social media application. If you don’t trust me, just have a glance at the phone of someone who is next to you. Only glance, do not stare or peep

Although there are many so many social media sites, it is important for you to choose the appropriate platform where you can almost find all of your target audience.

#1. YouTube

Activeness :



  • Demonstrations
  • Tutorials
  • Live videos
  • Talks

YouTube is basically like a dictionary where there are tons of online content created by users. You can find almost everything that you need on YouTube. For instance 

  1. Nutella Brownies Recipe
  2. Ways to fix a leaking pipe
  3. Coolest attractions in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
  4. How to use a Butterfly Oven
  5. Best Sephora Skincare Products


Just like the other sites, YouTube requires you to create a Brand Account on Google.

Why should you create your YouTube channel using a brand account on Google instead of a regular Google account?

  • Brand Account – You can log in to multiple approved Google Accounts at the same time.
  • Regular Google Account – Only allows one person which is the Google Account holder to log in.

#2. Facebook

Activeness :

91 %


  • Advertising
  • Obtaining reviews and providing support
  • Engaging and interacting with audiences/customers
  • Collaborating with other businesses

Facebook is something that pops up first into our minds when there are questions about social media. Facebook being the largest social media site makes it effortless especially for marketing and advertising.


In order to promote your brand or product on Facebook, you must have a business page. It doesn’t end right after you have created the page. It is your responsibility to be active and responsive at all times by answering and clearing the doubts or questions of your potential customers.

#3. Instagram




  • Building your brand
  • Engaging with customers
  • Live videos
  • IGTVs
  • Review and feedbacks

Businesses love Instagram. From those distinguished branded products that always grab your attention, to your favourite small businesses such as the bakery where you usually order the Devil’s Chocolate cake have shown proven results with Instagram.

For instance, Maybelline Japan ran television commercials and video ads on Instagram simultaneously. They stated that the elements such as endorsing the brand and having the intention of purchasing were found more effectively on Instagram campaigns.


Similar to Facebook, if you would like to create a business page you can either ;

  • Change your personal profile into a business profile
  • Create a business profile from scratch 


  • Connect your Instagram business account or profile to your Facebook business page

#4. Twitter




  • Real life updates
  • Advertising your brand (Easier way to promote)

Nowadays, Twitter users become aware of any latest news first than those who are not. This is because Twitter is fast-paced and users are constantly in hunger for knowledge. Therefore, a company or brand can consistently post updates about their business as in their new products, job openings, promotions and so on as they will always be a bunch of people who will be waiting for it.

When it comes to posting content online, the content must be genuine and factual. If you post something that is not trustworthy, then that’s it!

You can even share your blog or web links in your account which will indirectly lead them to your official page. By this, they will be able to explore more about your brand.

Tips :

  1. Create Twitter cards
  2. Track your contacts using Twitter lists
  3. Usage of the correct hashtags are important

Best Free Video Marketing Softwares

As I have mentioned earlier there are some free video marketing softwares if you would like to create your own video.

Perhaps, there might be some differences on these softwares and the softwares that would require you to subscribe to their plan. You will definitely be able to find extra features on those which are not free.

However, at the end of the day, the message that you would like to deliver plays a vital role more than the editing.

#1. FilmoraGo

  • Has features such as audio mixer, voice-over, trim/split, ratio/crop, speed control, reverse, subtitles and picture-in-picture besides the basic editing features
  • Tons of tracks and sound effects are available

#2. Headliner

  • Automatically transcribes the audio into captions
  • Has unlimited stock images, waveform, audio clipping and so on.

#3. Typito

  • Has is the ability to add a branded banner on your video
  • 200+ motion graphic templates are available 
  • Has access to 600,000+ high-quality images

#4. Biteable

  • Has 800,000+ real-life stock footage clips, and gorgeous animations
  • Has beautiful templates

#5. Storyboarder

  • Provides 6 simple drawing tools
  • Allows you to add boards with a click
  • You can enter dialogue and action
  • Leads to photoshop

3 Extraordinary Examples of Video Marketing That Have Done Justice

#1. “25,915 Days” by Reebok

25 915 here portrays the number of days an average human would survive, hence reminding us to push ourselves and make the most out of our body till we can. As life is short and to make every second worthwhile, this video from  Reebok admonishes us to get up and do something. Although you won’t be able to find any dialogues in the #HonorYourDays campaign by Reebok, in a way it is inspiring and motivating.

#2. Canadian Tire: Wheels

Canadian Tire’s 2016 ad, “Wheels,” was a hit during the 2016 Summer Olympics and managed to be one of the most viral marketing videos of 2017. This video depicts the life of a young boy in a wheelchair, restraining him from doing the daily activities such as involving in sports and playing with the kids who are the almost as same age as him in the neighborhood.

After one of those kids who came across him, organised a basketball game for him so that he would get an opportunity to lead his life like the rest. This commercial shows the support for Canada’s Summer Team, where nobody is left out and everyone deserves a second chance as disability is only a matter of perception. Besides, subconsciously at the same time, they managed to refer directly to the business which is the wheels. 

#3. A hair-raising message   

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation was inspired from a Swedish shampoo company called Apotek, which runs ads on metro platforms. To illustrate, their concept was basically every time the train arrives, the model’s hair on the digital poster screens would sway due to the wind. 

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation decided to do something similar to it in order to raise awareness and funds for their foundation. They added a twist where they actually portrayed a 14 year old girl named Lina. 

Whenever the train arrived her hair swayed but suddenly it blew off completely. She, being bald with her wig gone,  immediately had a line above her head with the saying  ‘Every day a child is diagnosed with cancer’.

Most importantly, this advertisement would have opened many peoples eyes’ about the existence of the society and henceforth letting them know that they need aids.


Video marketing is very convenient in a way. Consumers can watch the video anytime, anywhere and at any moment just in a click. They don’t have to worry if they are cooking, folding clothes or organizing their closet, videos will do their job. Undoubtedly, it is crucial to not only attract the eyes but also the ears.

Video marketing in Malaysia can definitely bloom your business. Nevertheless, it is just not as easy as writing a blog or updating your feed because it needs an abundance of time, energy and also knowledge. Becoming a professional in business marketing does not happen overnight and do not expect immediate results no matter how well you draft your strategies.

Of course, there are other ways you could market your business such as SEO. Aside from that, you could also use a good copywriter to help with your video content.

There might be days where you will have to get up and start back.

In fact, there are many alternatives that you can do to learn more about video marketing and to earn more in your business such as enrolling in video marketing courses.

Make sure to follow our ultimate guide to become a successful entrepreneur especially through video marketing.

Be focused: everyone wants to make it in life, but it’s essential to concentrate on the long term. Don’t be distracted by the temptation to make the fast buck.

Good luck!

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