21 Online Business Opportunities in Malaysia

by Jozannio Shan

Business Opportunities in Malaysia

In today’s day and age, the internet reigns as king. Every single business is trying to have some sort of online presence.

Whether they’re trying to use a website, or use a social media platform, businesses need to use the internet in order to stay competitive in their market.

However, what if you want your business to be centered around the internet itself?!

Yup, of course, you can do that, and there are a lot of new online business opportunities on the rise in Malaysia currently. Without further ado, here are 21 online business opportunities in Malaysia, 2019.

1. Instagram Sponsor

Have you ever seen those Instagram influencers? Well, this is basically it. If you have a passion for taking photos and you have a good Instagram following, then you should step in as a public figure.

Stepping in as a public figure with a large following creates a lot of great opportunities for you. Sponsorships from brands would start to come in, and they will pay big money for you to just post a photo and review their product.

Don’t be scared and try to ask your friends and family, to follow your Instagram page right now! Gain the following you need in order to open new doorways to success.

Create interesting and trendy content in order for businesses to notice you and you’ll be earning income in no time.

2. Facebook Ads

As Facebook keeps on growing and it gets larger, there is no stopping its presence in the online world. Facebook’s platform dominates what we see today and more businesses have started to post their ads on Facebook.

Nonetheless, most of them don’t really know how to target their audience with the ads they post on Facebook. They just pay Facebook and they let them do the rest. It is still effective but they aren’t really getting the most out of their ad placements on Facebook.

This is where you come into play. Most businesses are currently looking for third-party sources that can help them do their Facebook ads for them.

You can learn how to specialize in Facebook ads in order to provide services for companies that want to post their ads on Facebook.

3. Publish Your Own Book on Amazon

When wanting to publish a book that you have written can come with a lot of expenses, such as marketing, editing, formatting and etc.

But what if publishing a book didn’t come with all these extra little complications that can make things frustrating and difficult?

The answer to this question is quite simple, and that is to publish your very own book on Amazon! It is honestly quite easy and it is a good way to generate income as well. With Amazon, if you can sell a few hundred books on their website on the first week of publishing it, they will start to promote your book for you!

As you know, if your book becomes promoted on Amazon, it can gain an increase in attraction, and therefore your book can increase in sales as well.

It is not simple to write a book and capture people’s attraction, but then again, if you do believe you have what it takes to be an amazing author that can capture people’s attention and mesmerize them go for it!

A tip is to definitely share with friends and family and hope that word of mouth can spread like wildfire in order for your book to gain sales on the first week of publishing on Amazon.

4. Making Money From Blogging

Now, this business opportunity is more for people who are creative and love writing. A blog has a huge potential to gain monetary benefits from, and it can be the main source of income for businesses as well.

It is very important to understand that blogs won’t make instant money, and sometimes it can be a long process.

Maintaining a blog and potentially gaining income from it is quite laborious work, this is due to creating fresh new blogs consistently that needs to capture online clicks from people.

Therefore your blogs need to be relevant, interesting, and overall captivating.

Income and money earned through your blog come from sponsors, sales or ads. An example would be if companies want to post on your website, you can sell the space on your page to post it on.

Another example would be a restaurant wanting you to post about their business is a very common way to gain income as well.

So blogging can gain high profits, though, in spite of everything, it can be hard to gain traffic and attraction, but once you gain it, you’ll have money coming your way quickly.

5. SEO Services

Companies that have a website clearly want it to be at the top of Google search result page. Having said that, how is this achieved? Of course with high traffic load.

But you see here is the problem, how do you get high traffic load if you can’t even get onto the first page? Once the website is on the first page, then only it can maintain there with a high traffic load.

This is where search engine optimization comes in. Search engine optimization is a process of different techniques on how a website can rise in SEO rankings in order to get to the first page of search engines such as Google.

Learning techniques and methods in order to provide SEO services, like Sterrific Agency, is a major thing in 2019 right now.

As more and more companies understand that SEO is important for their website to have a good online presence, they will be looking for someone with your expertise.

6. Copywriter

If you have a passion for writing, then copywriting is the business opportunity for you. As long as you can write meticulously and expertly in order for people to take initiative, then you will have no problem with this.

Businesses need a copywriter in order to write very strategic marketing content in order to gain traffic from users. Without the skill of writing very well, it can be hard to come up with ideas for businesses that want to gain a higher load of traffic and attention.

Overall, learning how to become a copywriter can help with other skills in the various options for content writing. Copywriting can assist in personal blogs, articles, and a broad range of creative writing options.

7. Podcast

Starting your own podcast will be a very great way of producing income! Podcasts are usually started with a group of people but you can do it individually and bring guests on to your podcast as well.

A podcast offers a lot of creative content with a broad range to explore many different topics to discuss. If your podcast gains popularity, and an avid following from users, it can have sponsorships and advertising.

A podcast is a very good business opportunity in Malaysia as it is one of the few media platforms that has not been saturated yet! So start now in order to get into the market early and gain a following quickly.

8. Graphic Design

Loved designing and creating images? Well look no further, graphic design is the online business opportunity for you!

Since businesses started to advertise their service and products, they have always used images to attract their consumers. Therefore with the digital age, this method is still being used!

Being a graphic designer is a good way to earn income as well because just like being a web developer, businesses need you. They need somebody to create logos, headers, advertisements and etc.

The best part about being a graphic designer is that you don’t need expensive things to do a good job at it. Just have a good and broad portfolio in order to display your work and this can attract more businesses.

9. Tech Support

If you’re interested and well versed in solving technical issues with computers, then this might be something to venture into.

It is safe to say, that most people are not keeping up to date with how technology actually works. We just only use it for our leisure but at the end of the day, not a lot of people know how to fix their tech issues.

Being a person that can fix these tech problems, you can offer great assistance and help to companies. Companies will have a lot of employees, and because of the new digital world, each employee will most likely have his/her own computer to work on.

If any issues arise you’ll be the first person that they’ll call, because it will be faster and easier than wasting their limited time in figuring out what is the problem.

It is important to consider that these types of business opportunities may be difficult as you must be on call for long periods of time. So, therefore, you must have a true passion for this, if not it may become too strenuous.

10. E-Commerce Website

Setting up an e-commerce site can be a very good business opportunity to set up, especially in Malaysia. Why? Because traveling in Malaysia can be very tiring sometimes, why not just order things online and wait for them to be delivered.

As our traffic becomes worse and worse, e-commerce websites are gaining more attraction by the minute.

Now, competing with businesses that already have a public presence can be hard when you’re solely operating online.

It can also be difficult when you have to execute common business functions such as marketing, operations, finance, and human resources, all online! That means you have to be on the dot and must have expertise in selling your product online.

There are many companies that offer to set up an e-commerce website for you so you won’t have to crack your head to set it up.

Note, you must know the ins and outs of everything in order to succeed in this particular business among the other online business opportunities in Malaysia.

With it being difficult, it does have very high rewards, as once you sell something, money just starts to flow in, so it won’t be a long and treacherous road.

11. Skype Coach

Now, this may sound like a weird one but it definitely is an upcoming online business opportunity in Malaysia for 2019. A Skype Coach is where you can talk to your clients through Skype and give them advice about any topic that they are looking for help in.

If you have a wide range of expertise, then compared to all the business opportunities in Malaysia, this might be the one for you. Skype Coaches can offer a variety of coaching topics for the client, such as life coaches, marriage coaches, dating coaches and etc.

One way to get started in order to gain more attraction for your coaching services is to blog about topics that you want to coach in. Here is an example, if you want to be a health coach, you could blog about fitness, and lifestyle topics.

12. Resume Writing

This may sound like an odd one as well, but you may be surprised as to how many people actually use this service.

People find it hard to write good things about themselves, as sometimes it may come off as being arrogant or ignorant, therefore they may give someone else to write their resume for them.

Again, if you’re an expert in writing, and you have a burning passion for it, then this online business opportunity is the right one for you.

Designing and writing the resume can be very helpful for people as you can see them in a third person’s perspectives.

Being an expert in resume writing can be very helpful for your clients as well, due to the fact that you would know how to deliver your writing with a sense of purpose and meaning, then just babbling on about how good a client is.

13. Create Apps

Apps are also a very good business opportunity to tap into, especially as mobile applications start to gain popularity as each year passes. As long as you have an idea that is helpful, entertaining and/or useful, then you have no problem when creating an app.

Partnering up with app creators and software developers can help ease the coding process if you’re not well-versed with it. Despite that, the idea and creative thinking should come from you.

Only take on this opportunity if you truly have a one of a kind idea. Do a lot of research as there are too many apps on the market currently and usually most ideas are taken up everyday!

I suggest look into gaming as there are much more creative opportunities in that field.

14. Consulting

Becoming a consultant for businesses is a very good online business opportunity in Malaysia. Even so, there is a trick to it, you must be highly knowledgeable in your specific field of expertise.

In Malaysia, with many new up and coming businesses filled with young entrepreneurs, they would want to gain advice from someone. This is where you step into the spotlight and offer your services online.

Explain, teach, and advise the young entrepreneurs with the experience and expertise you’ve learned over the years in order to help them gain more knowledge.

If your services are very helpful and it brings them benefits, word of mouth can spread and in no time you’ll have a wide range of clients coming to just hear your advice.

15. Digital Course

Now I know what you are thinking and that teaching people something can be nerve-wracking and difficult.

Look at the bright side, if you do share your expertise online, you don’t have to do it in front of people, it’ll just be in front of a camera, or you don’t even have to record yourself. Posting images and tips/instructions is already very helpful for people to learn.

Nowadays, as more Malaysians want to become entrepreneurs but don’t have the proper guidance and expertise to do so, they look at online seminars and courses in order to help guide them.

If you can offer your expertise in this new growing online marketing, now is a good time to start posting on your website!

16. Niche Sites

What is a niche? Niche means a very specific thing. It relates to exclusivity, rare, and one of a kind. Usually, something that is niche will have less competition in the market, therefore you can have most of the users to yourself.

Building a niche website is a very good way to earn a high income. It is very important to find keywords that don’t have a huge range of competition. If this doesn’t happen, then it is very hard for your site to maintain as a niche site.

Income is gained through the amount of traffic, and this is where you can sell products, advertise things, offer ad space and etc.

17. YouTube Creator

If you love making videos and entertaining people then YouTube is the platform for you. Not only is it free to upload videos on YouTube, but it is also a website that already comes with a tremendous amount of following!

Starting vlogs, creating skits, shorts, gaming videos, and literally anything, is a very good way to tap into an audience that suits your entertainment style.

As YouTube comes with a huge following, there is a very diverse group of people that would love the content that you upload.

This creates massive amounts of opportunities to promote any products you would want to sell, and it is also a very good way to promote yourself!

Becoming a YouTube creator opens up a lot of doorways to gain income, from sponsors to massive views, you can live quite comfortably off YouTube.

18. Web Developer

Nowadays, a lot of businesses need someone that can help create a website for them. Learning how to build websites from the ground up can offer massive revenue as this is a service that businesses are starting to need!

Knowing how to code and build a personal website for businesses is a very good online business opportunity! If you’re hardworking and creative, then this is the business opportunity for you.

As businesses want a better online presence, they need their own website and not just have a social media platform.

Learning how to code may be quite hard at first, but with the proper dedication, you can master it! Becoming a web developer can earn you a decent income and it allows for your creative mind to flow.

19. Buy and Sell Domains

Buying and selling domains are not just buying a domain name and selling it instantly. When you buy a domain for a good price, you want to add value to the domain in order to sell it for a profit.

Once you buy a domain, you want to make it look good, add value to it. But how do you add value? Some tips are to create a higher trust flow, have relatively good traffic and make the domain look aesthetically pleasing.

With hard work and proper attention to detail, this online business opportunity can be a decent source of income.

20. Sell on eBay

This business opportunity has been going on for years. Despite that fact, there has been a growth in online purchases over the recent years and eBay is starting to pick up again. As sellers become more trustworthy, more people are inclined to buy products from eBay.

If you have any old items that are still in good condition, then eBay is the place to sell them. Most users on eBay look for items that can’t be bought at a physical store anymore due to it being outdated.

eBay is a good business opportunity in Malaysia as well because it has an international platform. You can have buyers from all over the world wanting your product, therefore there is a larger market to sell your valued product.

21. DropShipping

This business opportunity offers very little risks and that is a huge plus side! Dropshipping is a business opportunity where you set up an online store that sells other people’s products. You get income through the commission of each sale.

The little risk is that you’re not selling your own products, therefore you won’t have cost in buying stock, and etc. You just handle your website, in terms of marketing and any cost involved with the website.


With technology always advancing quickly, there are a lot of online business opportunities to choose from in Malaysia. 2019 has offered many new trends, and views in order for new opportunities to arise for young entrepreneurs.

So don’t worry if you think that you’re out of ideas, because with the internet, anything is possible. Get ready to have your knuckles cracked and coffee finished because your hard work and dedication won’t go to waste in today’s technology age!

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