10 Recommended Courier Companies in Malaysia for E-Commerce

by Aiman
courier company Malaysia

Courier Companies in Malaysia

E-commerce is rising, and this lockdown has only gone to prove just that. While many businesses have closed down during the implemented Restrictive Movement Order, businesses that have invested in using online platforms are still making some money. These are usually restaurants, bakeries and shopping marts. 

So here are some recommended courier companies in Malaysia for E-commerce.

#1. Pos Malaysia (Pos Laju)

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Lowyat

We start with the oldest and largest courier company in Malaysia. Tracing its roots back to the 1800s during the times of British Malaya when postal services were needed for the settlements in and around the Straits Settlements in Malacca, Penang and Singapore. It eventually expanded throughout the rest of British Malaya in the 20th Century and became corporatised in 1992. Today, the Pos Laju signs have become all too familiar with Malaysians who need to get their stuff shipped and delivered.

Services offered by Pos Laju include Domestic and International delivery, Same Day Delivery, Tracking, Pos Express and so on. 

They also have a service called SENDPARCEL which is useful for people who need to send multiple items at once. Which is perfect for e-commerce businesses. 

E-Commerce Solutions with Pos Laju

Setting up your E-commerce with Pos Laju grants you these services:

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Cash-On-Delivery
  • Warehousing 
  • Access to skilled professionals
  • Pos EziPay

Here are the rates for delivery with Pos Laju.

Customers located in East Malaysia will have to wait a little longer for their delivery to arrive. 

#2. GDex

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Sweetmag

The GDex courier company was founded in 1997 to provide delivery services for domestic and international markets. In 2005 it was listed on the Ace Market List on Bursa Malaysia and in 2008 it was the first local company to employ the use of a conveyor system for the sorting of parcels and mail. 

Services offered by GDex include:

Next Day Delivery Service.

Where deliveries are delivered within 24 hours.

Same Day Delivery Service.

Where deliveries are delivered on the same day, as the name states. 

Diplomatic Service.

A premiums service that tries to meet the particular urgent demands of customers on the same day. Customers are assured a time of delivery of their packages when orders are made within Malaysia or internationally.

Bulk Service.

A door-to-door service for bulk shipments within Malaysia.

Reverse Charge Service.

Made upon request, this service allows collection of packages from a third-party and delivered back to the shipper.

Deliver Order Return Service.

Allows customers to obtain stamped and signed delivery orders.

Standard Pick-Up.

Hassle free daily pickup service.

Late Pick-Up. 

A special arrangement to collect packages after office hours.

Early Deliveries.

This service allows for earlier deliveries to be pre-arranged.

Cash on Delivery.

Cash can be given at the receiver’s door step. 

E-Commerce Store Integration

GDex is integrated on the WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart online e-commerce platforms, making it easy for those who have set up shop in those sites. The company is also among Lazada’s delivery partners. 

GDex Prepaid.

GDex offers a flat-price for their shipping options, the rates are listed here.

The service and speed at which GDex works depend on the area you are situated in. Some areas, for example, may get better service than others. It is wise to check how well GDex performs in your area before sending out a package with them, sometimes delays that go on for several days have been reported and this may upset customers of your e-commerce brand.

#3. Skynet

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Gramho

Skynet has been in the courier market for 16 years now and is well known for being a courier that serves e-commerce businesses well. 

Their services  which might appeal to e-commerce sellers may include:

  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service
  • Diplomat Service
  • Digital Invoicing
  • Packaging
  • Track and Trace
  • Payment and Billing Services
  • Logistics
  • Bulk Mailing
  • Priority and Security Handling
  • Reverse Charge
  • Pick and Pack
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • Returned Product solutions
  • Cheaper Shipping Rates
  • Shorter Shipping Time

You can calculate their delivery rates on their website here.

#4. Ta-Q-Bin

courier company in Malaysia
Source: nighteye@flickr

This courier company in Malaysia is perfect for those who want to ship out frozen items to their customers, be it meals, seafood, meat or desserts. So long as the product is given to the couriers already frozen. However, it should be noted that non-Halal products are prohibited. 

Along with their Cool Ta-Q-Bin service for frozen products, other services include:

  • Ta-Q-Bin Collect
  • B2 Waybill Software
  • Package Tracking
  • Night Time Deliveries

You can check out their rates below.

You can also see whether they got your area covered by checking your postcode over here.

#5. Ninja Van

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Retail News Asia

This Singaporean based company set up in 2014 also operates within Malaysia. They are among the number of trusted courier companies partnered with major online shopping platforms such as Lazada and Shopee. 

Services provided by Ninja Van include:

Social Media Seller (Ninja Packs)

Those who set up shop online on social media platforms can purchase prepaid packaging with flat rates. They also have the option to allow customers to pick up the package themselves at designated drop-off points.

Drop-Off points

Ninja Van has a number of pick-up points around the country, you can find them in malls and in LRT stations. You can find designated drop off points on their map over here.

Cash on Delivery

All areas covered by Ninja Van have the option for cash on delivery payment.

Real-Time Tracking

If you use their Ninja Packs service, you can also track your orders and shipments using their website or app.

Sending a parcel with Ninja Van is also rather simple once you have created an account with them and selected your parcel type and location of where you want to ship. 

Customers have two types of accounts to choose from when they make an account with Ninja Van. 


Offers prepaid payment, self service options and you can schedule doorstep pickups. Lite accounts are simple to use and are suitable for those who ship out less than 250 parcels a month.


Pro accounts include dedicated account managers, the option to schedule doorstep deliveries on the desired frequency and has API and webhook management. It is suitable for those who ship out more than 250 parcels a month.

You can calculate price estimates of shipping with Ninja Van over here.

#6. Pgeon

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Pgeon

Pgeon was founded in 2017 and has numerous secure self-pickup locations, or Pgeon Points, located around Malaysia. Their service was founded in order to ease the troublesome nature of parcel deliveries in Malaysia and create a more convenient solution. 

And their ‘Pgeon points’ are not just limited to lockers, shops and marts like MyNews and 99Speedmart are also used as designated pick-up points with Pgeon after the company partnered up with them along with many other retail outlets. 

You can locate a Pgeon Point over here.

But they also do have delivery services as well, whether you want a parcel delivered from Point to Point or Point to Door.

If you are not located near a ‘Pgeon Point’, you also have the option to get Pgeon to deliver Door to Point and Door to Door. 

If you want to use their Pgeon points, you must ensure that your packages are no larger than 30CM in height, length and width.

Once your package has arrived, you get a free SMS notifying you.

To start using Pgeon, you can head over to their website and create a free account to begin sending out your products to your customers. 

Delivery pricing gets as low as RM5.50 for a 5Kg parcel.

#7. Aramex

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Aramex

Aramex is a pretty good courier company for e-commerce as well, because not only do they provide delivery solutions but they can also help maintain your online store as well if needed. Once you have created an online platform with their partnered platforms, they will handle the storage and delivery. Even if you already have an established site, Aramax will be available to you as well. Since they are an international company, obtaining products or shipping products abroad is quite easy with their Drop and Ship Service (We will get more into this below).

Aramex also offers Small Business Solutions for any company of that category out there. 

The express services provided by Aramex include: 

Package Delivery

Your standard same-day or next-business-day delivery service.

Package Pick-Up

A service in which Aramex picks up the package from the seller and delivers it to the customer’s doorstep. 

Cash on Delivery

Aramex can collect the payments from the buyer and transfer the amount they paid to you.

Return Service

If a customer needs to return a product that might need repair or is faulty, Aramex will be able to collect the product from the customer and return it to you if needed.

Shipment Tracking

With the use of their website or app, you will be able to track shipments using the shipping number.

Drop and Ship

Similar to ‘Pgeon Points’ and Ninja Van’s Drop-off points, Aramex offers the service of having a dedicated locker in which your customers can pick-up their order, only this time, it is international. You can check the rates of their Drop and Ship service over at: https://www.aramex.com/my/en/solutions-services/drop-ship

Export Express Service

If you need to send out a package to a customer in another country, Aramex will be able to do so all while providing Tracking, Proof of Delivery, SMS notifications on delivery status, customs clearance and custom information provided on their site.

#8. Lalamove

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Vulcan Post

Lalamove provides on-demand and same-day delivery for those who use them. The Hong Kong based company was established in late 2013 and offers their services throughout South-East Asia. Its easy-to-use nature would probably appeal to those who want to send out packages to customers quickly without the hassle. 

To use Lalamove, all you need to do is request delivery is download their app, request what sort of vehicle is needed, be it a motorcycle or van, set up a delivery route from the point of pickup to the address you want the package sent to and confirm the delivery.

You can also schedule deliveries in the future by selecting a time frame that suits you. 

Delivery tracking is also available with this service along with the ability to share delivery details.

Their other services include:

Food Delivery

Great for any e-commerce seller specialising in food products and meals. They use insulated bags to ensure the food is kept warm.


In order to gain the trust of their customers, Lalamove provides insurance for the products they help deliver. There are no monthly premiums for their insurance, you can pay it per use. 

However it should be noted that although Lalamove is convenient, their services are limited within the Klang Valley area.

You can check Lalamove’s pricing on their page here.

#9. Zepto Express

courier company in Malaysia
Source: Zepto Express

Zepto offers 24/7 delivery with ease. You can book a delivery on their website or on their app. They even promise their customers that they can deliver their packages to them within 3 hours  in selected areas. 

Their services include:

3-hour Delivery.

As mentioned above, this service is limited to certain areas and states, these areas are Klang Valley, Selangor, Johor Bahru & Penang.

Same Day Delivery.

A delivery service in which costumes can ship and receive in a single day. You can also deliver in bulk. This service operates within Klang Valley and Selangor.

Next Day Delivery

You can schedule an order to be delivered the next day with this quick service.

Air Shipments

Zepto can also deliver your products to customers who reside in East Malaysia. The price starts at RM8 to deliver packages to Sabah or Sarawak.

Live Tracking

You will be able to track your shipments using their app and website. 

To use Zepto’s service, you will need to create a free account and log in to their booking portal. Once that is done you can then create a job for your delivery, this involves choosing which service you need, be it ZeptoBike or ZeptoTruck and so on. After that is done, you can then make a payment to them and your package will be collected and sent to your customer. 

You can check Zepto’s rates over here

#10 Grab Express

courier company in Malaysia
Source: 2cents

We here in Malaysia (and the rest of SouthEast Asia) are familiar with the ride-sharing and food delivery service Grab. But did you know that they also offer their very own delivery service? With Grab express, customers can enjoy the use of on demand delivery with real time tracking and booking a delivery is as easy as booking a ride for your friend.

To make a delivery, all you need to do is select GrabExpress on their app, put down the pick up and drop-off locations, put in your recipient’s address, confirm the booking and boom, there you have it. The driver or rider will make their way to you, collect the package and be on their way to deliver it for you. 

The price can depend on the distance. To ensure that you are using the right drive for whatever package you have, as well as ensuring the correct size of your package, refer to the guide below.

As of now, Grab Express operates in almost all major areas in Peninsular and East Malaysia. You can see the full list over here.


As e-commerce and online shopping become more and more popular, we are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to courier companies in Malaysia. So if you are running an e-commerce store, why not give these services a go to get your product to your customers.

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