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STERRIFIC Agency specializes in mobile responsive web design, ecommerce development, logo creation, content strategy development, copy writing, brand management, commercial photography and SEO.


Our expert web designers build mobile-friendly, responsive web sites with careful attention to user experience and functionality. We create streamlined sites that please humans and search engines alike so that you can rank higher in SERPs while creating a good first impression.

We design and manage successful sales funnels for your eCommerce platforms to reach target audiences and please modern shoppers. Whether you’re looking to set up your online shop or simply hoping to boost stagnant sales, we’re here to maximize your bottom line.

Finding the right company logo or product packaging is a key component to building your brand and reaching your audience. We help design the visual assets to make your brand stand out in the crowd, including product packaging, logo design, and more.

From brand development research to positioning documents, we can help you build and scale your company content strategy. Our professional copywriters craft written material for any target audience or industry, and we revise until you’re satisfied.

In today’s digital space, SEO and metric performances can make or break your online presence. We perform full audits and site-wide optimization to help boost your search engine rankings and ultimately earn you more sales. From backlink building to keyword research, let us show you what works.

Take advantage of our expert staff of elite commercial photographers to boost your site rankings with unique, well-crafted visual content. From photoshoot production to web sharing, we help create a sensory world that reflects your brand’s personality.


A website filled with so much information is not necessarily one that would be visited long if it isn’t responsive or easy to use. The best websites take in all forms of complex designs and compiled together that would present what you intend to sell in a more attractive form for customers to be quickly engaged in to find out more. A great website is an easy standpoint for advertisement, and all great websites come in five significant key components.

1. Attractive Designs

As they often say, “you eat with your eyes first”. Visual stimulus is our top priority when designing a website in a way that would make a positive first impression on your target audience. An attractive website represents your brand and product, and with a visually appealing website, users would be more inclined to stay and return to share what your company has to offer.

Similar to judging the cover of a book, no user would be keen to explore more of your website if it doesn’t look interesting the first second after it loads, leading us to the importance of choosing a web design malaysia service that will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing of your choice constructed professionally and in a welcoming presence simultaneously.

2. Optimised for User Experience

While the visual aesthetics of a website is critically important, a website must have a hassle-free experience when it comes to brand representation. A website that is difficult to use, frustrating to interact with, and is time-consuming could instantly chase your customers away in a blink of an eye.  A website must be optimised in a way that is simple and easy to use, with efficient website navigation, as well as display relevant information that is quickly be comprehended.


Both website’s appearance and content must follow website design principles in order to produce a page that is able to arrange what you need to deliver to the audience. Balance is key when it comes to achieving simplicity. The phrase, “The more, the better” is not one to be applied in this instance as this could bombard the user with too much information as well as clusters of bold designs. You can still provide plenty of information and media to be displayed, but when presented in the right way, a huge library of information can be delivered in a clear and simple manner.

Natural Conversion Path

A good website is one that has a layout that can be easily identified by users as to where each section would go to. The pathway of a website should be in a logical and natural order that can be perceived as a goal of completion when a task is presented. For example, the process of purchasing item from a website should be formed in a way that has been adopted by your customers previously, starting from choosing the item, adding to cart, checkout, and completion of a purchase. A navigation bar can only do so much to the visual direction of the site.

Value Proposition

Advertising and selling a brand online can be convenient. However, with an introduction to your company’s website identity for the customers makes you a legitimate trusted brand and gains you a competitive advantage. It is no doubt that having an online presence with your website means that it would be greater competition among other brands, but by displaying your vision statement can assist you in assuring customers’ doubts. The vision statement will also make you learn a new thing or two about your company.

3. Optimized for Mobile Interfaces

Recent statistics found that 60 per cent of searches were carried out from a mobile device. This shows that users would often carry out quick information searches on their smartphone due to efficiency and convenience. However, many outdated websites are not conformed to optimising their interface to be mobile-friendly.

A website aesthetics that can flexibly adjust to different interface ratios while still provide the best visual presentation and information displays for your brand is one that you can rely on to keep your customers interested.

4. SEO Marketing

The context and information that you display on a web page is an important foundation that gives customers more details about your brand. While linking your company’s social media handles can spread awareness of your product, the impact of your words heavily influences the amount of traffics to your website.

Integrating SEO by engaging with one of our SEO Malaysia services into your web content can improve your brand’s online presence by appearing as one of the top results from a variety of search terms, and in turn, improve your business credibility.

5. Smooth Performance

En-capturing the audience with the visual aesthetics of your website is the first step, but the next important part is the website’s ability to perform. Whether it’s reliable enough to process basic instructions received from visitors or if it is unable to load the content in longer threshold can largely impact how your customer perceives your brand as well. Responsive websites involve the ability to scale between a variety of screen sizes or browser types, but if your website is slow, you can potentially leave your customers impatient.

With a good content management system, hosting, security management, and how the code is developed for the website has a large role in how it provides a responsive experience to the user. An unresponsive website can lead to a loss to your brand which includes: waste of monetary value, negative customer experience, and feedback, and a decline in sales.

However, it can be difficult to identify the main source of the problem found within the technical components of your website. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a reputable website design company that you trust and able to provide a complete package packed with the right key components that can definitely make you and your customer satisfied.

Sterrific Agecncy is a


STERRIFIC is a creative design agency that builds and refines content for the modern digital space. From brand building to site design, our holistic approach delivers streamlined user experiences that both engage and delight your target audiences. We know that quality messaging and design are what help convert your potential customers into brand-loyal, which is why we’re passionate about the work we do.

As a Malaysia branding agency, we customise our approach to meet the needs of each unique project, which is why our clients love us and keep coming back. From site design to content creation with our content writers in Malaysia, our full-service menu of boutique digital services offer you a one-stop solution to your branding needs. We bring our unique focus and customised expertise to every project that comes across our desk. Our clients love us for our inspired, outside-of-the-box approach to content creation, visual design, and organic site traffic growth. Whether you’re building a brand from the ground-up, looking for an ecommerce developer malaysia, or optimising your site for the 21st century and beyond, we’re here to help.

The bottom line? We’re passionate about creative expression. Our content and site designs are tailored to your target audience so you can boost sales by bringing more quality traffic to your digital doorstep. We partner with you to create an effortless user experience and capture viewers’ attention with maximum visual appeal and content that speaks to your audience.

Our Design Process

  • UX Research, Discover, and Strategy
    We base our approach on collecting supporting evidence from data-driven analysis and industry experience as we value and understand our client’s personal needs and interests. By conducting extensive research, our focus involves producing an end product that can produce value with the best performance metrics.
  • Information Strategy, and Messaging
    With a combination of team involvement and a natural goal for simplicity, we strive to minimize clutter and prioritize business goals as our main focus for each project. By defining the information pathway to be set throughout the entire duration, our team is always headed for a point of strategy to help our client’s users become more informed with various context displayed in an efficient, clear and concise way.

  • UI/Design
    Visual stimulus and aesthetics are our top priority when it comes to designing the user interface. We take our client’s desires on their design ideas very seriously as how they’d like their brand and product to be represented matters to us. That’s not all, we understand the critical factor of how the overall design of the web interface will impact greatly on the user’s digital experience. No matter how bold or how minimal you want your website to look, our UI developers and designers will cater to your every need. Our Malaysia photography service helps to capture and display the most beautiful angle of your products and businesses to give you the angle of view that brings your business to the next level.
  • Web Tech Strategy
    Our team of developers and web designers are well versed and experienced in the many fields of technology. We understand the importance of having a website that balances both design and performance. We plan different strategy points on how to create the best performance architecture to ensure that your website looks beautiful and functions smoothly from start to finish simultaneously.
  • Interactivity, Integration, and Added Value
    We view the overall design of a website as the most important integration point towards band representation, market systems, strategy, and technology scalability. Bringing these factors together leads to various big ideas to be integrated into a web system that can add value to your brand. For us, only the best out of all the big ideas generated will be executed into a plan of action.
  • Launch, Iterate, Improve
    The launch of a new website is a crucial period of time, and we want our clients to feel confident as to what has formed together out of the ideas compiled and executed. We focus on guiding our clients through defining flexible needs for growth-driven improvements and iterative that can help to change the market value of both our clients brand and us for the better.

Our Ideation Process

Other than it involves some few cups of hot bitter coffee, it also involves a lot of brainstorming internally with our team and externally with our clients. Working on the idea that best translate the message of our clients in any forms – visual or non-visual is our favourite part of all. To top all that, we are even partnered with malaysia videographer companies to help reach out to your customers from a different angle. Ideation by our team usually is more of a try and error process, we do laugh at the part which needed a sprinkle of humour in our idea however meeting with our clients are carried out more seriously in business environment. We don’t come to play.

We are aware that idea don’t come quickly but here, in Sterrific agency, idea is the gear of every process we take and we are proudly naming our partner, a cup of coffee as the lubricants to the idea. We always strive for a good quality idea in no matter of time though it takes us few cups of coffee a day.

When we gained the lightbulb of an idea, it will definitely trigger us to work faster. So working with us is just a series of progress that becomes faster after every stage of ideation. We know that our clients are eager to hear from us and here, in Sterrific we make our clients’ dreams come true, every progress made are the fruits of the ideation process which they deserve to know.


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Team Members

Creative Design that drives performance and gets you results.


A brand that is recognisable and adored is an asset that a company must value. Helping you to find ways to build the foundations of a brand that is special for you and your business is something that gets our system going, especially when it comes to preparing your business for future opportunities.

1. Communication

Sterrific Agency offers creative design solutions. We are committed to developing design solutions that help you stand out as much as we do believe in forming long-term working relationships with our clients that hold significance in meaning and value. Working with a wide range of clients of various industries, we’ve garnered a sufficient amount of experience and still gaining more of which can help us to lead new ideas in enhancing our professional services.

2. Save Your Spendings

Being a small team of web developers and designers does not stop us from exceeding the expectations of our clients, and being small does come with benefits, especially in keeping our overheads down to the minimum. We are a team that provides excitement and displays passion in what we do, and most importantly, we love delivering projects through agile methods within budget and time.

3. Prioritize Your Expertise

We understand how busy it can get for you, so let us shift your focus to the bigger parts of the picture and give us the ideas you need. We’ll help you to transform those ideas into a solution made just right for your goals, and most importantly, a solution that makes your job easier and more convenient to do.

4. Cutting Edge

We’re always keeping our toes on the edge to make sure that we’re at the top of the game. We keep our eyes and ears peeled regularly for the latest best practices and new updates on our tools and software to keep our creative team ready for upgrades that will make our services better for you.

5. Tailored to Perfection

New challenges are always exciting, hence, we encourage our clients to communicate with us on all of their visions and ideas. No matter how ridiculous you envision your future project to be, we can make it an interesting one to work with. Allow us to listen to your ideas and we’ll help to build a solution tailored to your needs.

We are some Einsteins in web design and anything e-commerce apart from some Bob the Builders who help you construct words instead of buildings.

Penny for your thoughts

We believe continuous educations is key to delivering a successful service.

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