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From creative vision to technical knowledge, expert design is our passion. We eat, sleep, and breathe the latest trends in graphic design, web technology, and visual innovation.

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Website Design

Multi-Format Graphic Files

We design graphics and wireframe templates using the latest programs and techniques to ensure the relevance and portability of your site. We understand that clean, well-coded integrations of site graphics can make or break your website performance. As our design beliefs go, sometimes less is just more.

Mobile Friendly

Small Screen Optimizing

We cater our techniques to the large base of mobile smartphone and tablet users by designing sites for easy, optimal use on smaller screens. We ensure that your site functions properly across all operating systems and viewing platforms so you don’t lose your mobile viewership.

Web Development

Full-Stack Design & Management

Our team of web developers makes each design come to life with ultra-fast load times, crystal-clear images, and hyper-responsive site navigation. We write clean, elegant code that translates to superior usability and simple, secure site maintenance so your site runs like a well-oiled machine.


Scrolling and Resizing for Optimized UX/UI

To compete on the web, your site needs to be adaptive to a variety of screen layouts and usability formats. We develop responsive versions of your site while maintaining load times and effective messaging to make sure your smartphone surfers don’t miss a thing.

Web Design Meets Powerful Metrics

We are a web design Malaysia agency focusing on website design, ecommerce design, branding, copywriting, SEO and video production. We bring our unique focus and customized web design Malaysia expertise to every project that comes across our desk. Our clients love us for our inspired, outside-of-the-box approach to content creation, visual design, and organic growth hacking. Whether you’re building a brand from the ground-up or optimizing your site for the 21st century and beyond, we’re here to help.

Kuala Lumpur based agency, Sterrific has been around since 2008.  Sterrific offers custom creative web design solutions and branding services. Whatever projects that you have, our professional designers and developers are ready to help. We love pushing technology and creativity boundaries to break the typical qualities other agencies are providing. Our strategies will streamline with your organization automatically to work more effectively and efficiently.

Our in house web design team based in Kuala Lumpur consists of professional and expert web designers, web developers and seo optimisers. Having worked with over 100+ clients up to date, we have top of the line management and development system that are ready to assist you with all your web design solutions. Need more than just web design? Need a branding agency malaysia? Call us!

Our range of services for web design malaysia covers static web design, flash web design, content managed web design, online shop design and custom design.


Our Web Design Process:

1. UX Research, Discover, and Strategy

We base our approach on collecting supporting evidence from data-driven analysis and industry experience as we value and understand our client’s personal needs and interests. By conducting extensive research, our focus involves producing an end product that can produce value with the best performance metrics.

2. Information Strategy, and Messaging

With a combination of team involvement and a natural goal for simplicity, we strive to minimize clutter and prioritize business goals as our main focus for each project. By defining the information pathway to be set throughout the entire duration, our team is always headed for a point of strategy to help our client’s users become more informed with various context displayed in an efficient, clear and concise way.

3. UI/Design

Visual stimulus and aesthetics are our top priority when it comes to designing the user interface. We take our client’s desires on their design ideas very seriously as how they’d like their brand and product to be represented matters to us. That’s not all, we understand the critical factor of how the overall design of the web interface will impact greatly on the user’s digital experience. No matter how bold or how minimal you want your website to look, our UI developers and designers will cater to your every need.

4. Web Tech Strategy

Our team of developers and web designers are well versed and experienced in the many fields of technology. We understand the importance of having a website that balances both design and performance. We plan different strategy points on how to create the best performance architecture to ensure that your website looks beautiful and functions smoothly from start to finish simultaneously.

5. Interactivity, Integration, and Added Value

We view the overall design of a website as the most important integration point towards band representation, market systems, strategy, and technology scalability. Bringing these factors together leads to various big ideas to be integrated into a web system that can add value to your brand. For us, only the best out of all the big ideas generates are executed into a plan of action.

6. Launch, Iterate, Improve

The launch of a new website is a crucial period of time, and we want our clients to feel confident as to what has formed together out of the ideas executed and compiled. We focus on guiding our clients through defining flexible needs for growth-driven improvements and iterative that can help to change the market value of both our clients brand and us for the better.

Web Design Malaysia

Our web designers build mobile and responsive sites with careful attention to user experience and functionality. Our designs aim to pleases visitors and search engines alike so you can rank higher in SERPs while creating a good first impression.

ECommerce Design

We all need our sleep but your business doesn’t have to. We design and manage successful sales funnels for your eCommerce site to reach target audiences and please modern shoppers. Simply put, we help boost your sales bottom line.

SEO Services

Want your business to be seen worldwide? We perform full audits and site-wide SEO optimization to help improve your search engine rankings and sales. From back-linking to keyword research, let us show you what works.

Company Branding

Start your business right from the start! Finding the right logo or packaging is a key component to building your brand and reaching your audience. We help design the visual assets to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

Sales Copywriting

From brand development research, writing persuasive product descriptions to positioning documents, we help you build and scale your content strategy. Our professional copywriters craft written material for any target industry.


Commercial Photography

Sex sells. So do beautifully-taken photos of your products. Take advantage of our elite commercial photographers to boost your sales with well-crafted visual content. We build the sensory world that reflects your brand’s personality.
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