SEO Content Writing.

Being part of the SEO agency Malaysia, our SEO Malaysia Copywriters are well-versed in speaking and writing the language of the modern digital space. We know what it takes to grasp the attention of the everyday web user and our long experience in content and copywriting fused with SEO technology is part of what keeps us and your business going.

SEO Web Design.

Need a traffic boost for your website? As a web design company Malaysia, we can transform static websites and unranked pages by integrating SEO Malaysia content strategies that will give your website the spotlight that it deserves. We combine both aspects of web design Malaysia and content so that your website will be filled with captivating content complementing its design elements at the same time.

SEO Training & Consulting.

We offer SEO consulting services that need a little push in their online marketing Malaysia sectors. We work with businesses by making the most out of their respective budget and provide online marketing consultation that improves their marketing strategies. Our consultations encourage our clients to adopt new strategies that embrace creative solutions in SEO.

Pay Per Click Services.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management and advertising services are transparent and ethically tied to involve our clients along the major sections of its advertising process. We develop PPC campaigns that are embedded goals related to your Products and Services and constructed under a target with cost efficiency alongside maximizing benefits.

SEO Analytics.

We know the importance of having data-driven internet marketing. Thus, our SEO team will integrate your website with analytics tailored to meet your required needs. Our SEO analytics work by using previous and current marketing insights and correlating new found data with key performance indicators (KPI) to help you accomplish your business goals.

Image Optimization.

It’s no secret that nearly every modern user prefers a website with just the right amount of visual media. Our SEO Malaysia and web developer Malaysia experts add more value to your website images by optimizing them for better user experience and keeping you within Google’s awareness range in their search engines.


Search engine Optimization Malaysia, or SEO Malaysia for short, is the process of getting traffic for your website by using keywords relevant that is relevant to your site and placing it as one of the top search results in major search engines when a specific search term is used. This involves manipulating certain aspects of your website until it is on par with the search engine’s algorithm, mainly Google. However, SEO is continuously shifting to match with Google’s ever advancing search algorithm to have a purpose that is more authentic and engaging to their users by obtaining results naturally with a plan. Google sets their goal with a fundamental purpose, and it’s important to note that they place priority into what their services are able to deliver. This includes content that is relevant to the user’s search query. This factor should be part of any goal with strategies that includes search engine optimization Malaysia specifically.

Keyword Research and Selection

The fundamental core of that gets any search engine optimization strategy to become effective is conducting site and keyword analysis. The primary goal that comes with choosing the right keywords and phrases involves selecting words that would promote the volume of to higher website traffic, strong sense of purpose in commercialization, and also competitively reachable based on the current rankings of your website and its authority. Once the right keywords are selected, it is often the best choice to commit to the successful ranking of these words and continue to build further on its success.

Reliable Website Backend

Your website must be developed with a platform and code that is SEO friendly. This means that your site must be indexed and easily crawled by Google bots. Also, your site should also be easy to be managed for the purpose of optimizing SEO related elements and URLs when needed. The site URL must be structured based on best practices, customizable, and must not be duplicated. Old web pages, whether from a previous or an existing website that contain valuable content should be redirected with a 301 response status to indicate that it has moved to a new location. This complex process is, but it assists in maintaining the integrity of your existing rankings. To make sure this process is done right, leave it to the SEO and website developer Malaysia experts to assist you in areas of web development to keep your site in check.

Page Targeting

Choosing or creating target pages that are designated to focus on a collection of specific keywords and phrases can provide valuable prospects to your site. However, it all depends on the semantics of your site and the current relationship rankings on your chosen keywords. It is advised to target 3-5 keywords per page as it is important to remember that it is better to focus more on placing the most critical keywords on the important pages, mainly the homepage for an effective SEO strategy.

Target Relevant Keywords

There are a few factors involved for keyword inclusion in each of your webpage that should be specifically targeted by the SEO experts. Factors such as:

  • URLs: The page URL should contain the main keyword or phrase as this will assist the search engine to determine the relevance of a page according to a search query.
  • Page Title: The page title should feature the most important keyword of the page and should appear at least once and positioned at close to the beginning of the title as possible where it is deemed appropriate.
  • Headings 1: The primary keyword and phrase of the page should be included in the main heading of the page. This is also considered best practice by SEO standards.
  • Images and Alternative Text: Having at least one image on each page is also considered best practice. The addition of an image can replace a compilation of jumbled text into something that is more interesting to the visitor. Also, it provides an opportunity to add the main keyword(s) in its alternative text, image title, or image name.
  • Meta Description: Meta descriptions are a critical factor for the success of your sites SEO even though its content isn’t often considered to be the direct change of factor that would affect Google’s algorithm. Meta descriptions determine the click-through rate and user engagement and act as a form of advertisements presented in the search results. So what you put in your meta description must include relevant keywords and structured in an engaging and insightful manner.

Majority of website these days have embedded SEO tools to assist users in improving their keyword density and optimization. Yoast is a popular SEO tool that serves as a plugin and also purpose-built to easily integrate with any WordPress site. To optimize your SEO strategy, consulting any experienced WordPress developer or any web design company to help you to use this tool for your website.

Webpage Content

Each targeted page should contain at least 400-600 words of content inclusive of the targeted words repeated at least twice as well as the appropriate semantically and current related keywords and phrases. The page content should be unique and valuable instead of focusing more on self-promotional aspects. Furthermore, the content must be appropriate and should be relevant that would intrigue the visitors enough to stay instead of backtracking to find an alternative website that is relevant to their needs. The page content should ideally also have a certain value to it that would persuade your visitors to share it through social media or by link sharing.

Site Wide Content

The chosen keyword and phrases that contribute to how effective your SEO strategy will be, including the semantics and current relevance of these keywords and phrases, must be placed appropriately throughout every page of the website, mainly in the content and in the title each of the pages. Also, the content of your website should be written in a rich and valuable form where it can relate to your target market and is relevant to the targeted industry. The content should be built around your chosen keywords and phrases to establish a form of resource that is credible and authoritative within its own respective industry. This is also to address the questions and essential needs of the target market that goes beyond the services and products that your business offers.

Strategic Internal Linking

The number of internal links should have quality when linking to a specific page. This includes using the right anchor text for those links as anchor texts help in determining the authority of each relative page in your entire website. This also helps in building better authority and value in specific pages, as well as assist high ranking search engines like Google to select the relevant page that would be delivered in its search results based on a certain query. It is recommended that every target page should be given a direct link that can be accessed from both the homepage and footer. Plus, the number contextual links should be higher in proportion where the target pages are linked from other pages via anchor texts within the website. It is important to note that the anchor texts should have close relations to the target phrases and keywords to each specific page that it was linked from.  

Optimized User Experience

Google assesses both the code and content of your website and also measures its overall user experience by using statistical data of visitors visiting and interacting your site as well. Good user experience web design includes a navigation structure that is logical, clear, and intuitive. The information should be clearly displayed and easy to be understood. You should aim at presenting these informative content to the visitors in a form where they won’t actually know they would need it. The overall web design of each page should be visually pleasing with the right aesthetic elements implement to make it attractive. A responsive website catered to mobile resolutions should also be integrated into your website design so that each page can be displayed well on any device or browser type. By using the foundational principles for user experience, conducting usability testing and embedding a responsive web design can be done by an experienced website developer.

Social Signals and Sharing

Social network signals are becoming much more critical in constructing a valuable SEO strategy. With social signals, search results will receive an immediate effect. Also, it plays a crucial role in providing relevant links to your website. Because of this, it is important that your visitors can easily share your website content. What this often involves is adding social sharing buttons on every page in an obvious manner. Good practice for social signals includes keeping your content in check that it is a valuable source of information and worthy to be shared to the public. Social media gives a huge impact on every business, making social signals an essential part on a majority of websites, especially eCommerce website design as it provides the visitors an opportunity to promote and share your products and services through their own social network.

What has been listed above are only a few of the basic principles that lead to a successful SEO strategy with necessary factors that would create a successful impact on a SEO campaign. Search engines can only make up a third of the total weight of factors that impacts the ranking of your website on search results. The remainder of the total factors includes the quantity and quality of internal links placed within the site, and other factors such as social signals, website traffic, and mentions of your websites brand and domain name.Keep note that Search Engine marketing requires a form of balance, as doing too much of it can throw your website off its user experience. A good web design company that incorporates SEO will keep a checklist at hand to maintain a great SEO balance in your site.

We are a team with an old hand at SEO who write everything important for your website to rank better.

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Gain traffic to your website easily with our modern website SEO services Malaysia. We can get your website ranked based on keywords and terms that have been thoroughly evaluated, and within this process, you’ll find new amazing ways to be connected with your audience and customers upon discovering the bountiful wonders of SEO.

1. Identifying your Goals

The start of every SEO strategy development is for us to understand your goals for your website. Our marketing consultants are experts in helping you to discover your digital marketing goals, leading us to create an SEO plan with strategies that work well with your online platform.

2. Site Auditing

Once your goals are identified, our SEO team will proceed to comb through your website in order to understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of your current online position. We use a plethora of relevant SEO tools to help us identify these elements so that we know what to prioritize for the best benefits.

3. Competitive Analysis

Getting to know your competitors actions has been proven to help businesses discern their own personal value proposition. This also benefits us as our SEO team will have the significant capability to spot the strengths of your businesses while also tune it to shape the competitive mark specified in your industry.

4. Keyword Research

Researching for keywords that are viable for your business is a critical step that we do not take lightly. We perform an in-depth analysis on the keywords and search terms that are popular based on the collected customer insights. Our SEO team then proceeds to analyze these data to help you uncover new growth opportunities for your business.

5. Mapping Optimization

We proceed to help you to create an optimization plan with our SEO strategists. We’ll help you assign the proper keywords and phrases into the pages of your website. This step helps us to ensure that your customers will be able to find you by searching for terms that are relevant to your business’ products and services.

6. Implementation

Upon implementation, we continue to utilize our optimization and search map as we observe how the SEO strategy tailored for you optimizes your website. Our SEO and website developer Malaysia team will continue to keep track of new changes for you, as well as assist you in gauging the overall effectiveness of our SEO strategy.



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