Brand Strategy & Position.

We perform targeted research to gain valuable insight on your customer base, industry, and competitors. Once we gather data on the opportunities available to you and your brand, we develop a detailed strategic approach to your design implementation, sales funnels, primary marketing platforms, and more as we possess a wide knowledge on Malaysia brand. 

Logo & Visual Identity.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, which is why we, as one of the top branding agency Malaysia take visual branding so seriously. We draft, revise, and rework your logo and brand “look” until we’re satisfied that we’ve found an aesthetic that uniquely captures your brand and sets you apart from the crowd.

Message & Tone of Voice.

A message is a powerful thing. Whether you’re building a brand from scratch or re-branding, it’s important to craft your brand’s voice correctly from the very beginning. We develop strategic content guidelines and approaches based on your target audience and your brand’s unique way of being.

Marketing Materials.

We handcraft promotional materials, vendor communications, newsletters, press releases, announcements, social media ads, and more tools on the digital space, as we are the well-versed digital advertising practitioner. It’s our job to make sure that your brand communicates the right way, to the right people, at the right time, in the right media.

Brand Guidelines.

If you’re preparing to scale your brand (as you should) parallel with the service of brand consultancy Malaysia we offered, we help you develop operational guidelines and foundational documents to guarantee sustained quality across all levels of your business. From styling guides to standardized content requirements, we help brands of all sizes run like a well-oiled machine.

Packaging & Product Design.

We may be superheroes in the digital space, but we also harness our powers to create designs for use in the everyday world. From product packaging to signs and posters, we as one of the creative agency Kuala Lumpur utilize the latest graphic design programs to create visuals that drive your brand success.


A brand that is recognizable and adored is an asset that a company must value. Sterrific as a Malaysia agency helps you to build the foundations of a brand that is unique for your business is something that gets our system going. While you remain busy with building the backbone of your business, we will be supporting your business by crafting the primary foundations, strategies, and designs that would all be combined together into a brand that you’ll love. Help us help you by letting us in on your visions and values, then within a period of time, out comes a brand that adheres to your personal identity.

Brand Research

Understanding what is needed for a brand that has different core factors compared to other industries can prove to be a challenge that needs to have branding strategies that will work efficiently. Hence why, as a branding agency, before initiating any form of action, we begin by finding a valuable strategy point to further expand our knowledge on potential factors that we need to tackle in order to create a branding strategy that is unique for our clients. We help our clients to conduct research targeting specific areas that would garner valuable insights on the targeted customer base, current industry, and other potential competitors. Our research doesn’t end until we have gathered sufficient data on potential opportunities available for your branding efforts, a strategic approach with detailed plans on suitable branding designs, sales and marketing platforms, and more.  

Forming Your Brand’s Message, Voice, and Elevator Pitch

Incorporating your branding message is never to look down upon as it is one that provides a powerful impact. It is critical when it comes to creating your branding message and voice at the very beginning of every branding plan. We prioritize both good communication with our clients on their ideas and visions, and also identifying the best approaches and guidelines that would lead to strategic content before proceeding to that would represent their corporate identity accurately. A customer’s first impression is an important takeaway at how they perceive your branding value, so it is crucial that we help you to get your message and tone of voice right at the very beginning of your business plan before launching your branding strategy.

Constructing a Brand Guideline

There will come a time where your brand receives the opportunity to scale up, and when you do, we will be there to assist in providing you the necessary foundational styling guidelines and documents for operational development. Having a brand guideline would ensure the success of your brand. The importance of having a brand guideline (or a brand style guide) is to help businesses to be able to understand how to manage the design, overall composition, and the overall look-and-feel of the brand. with a personal service touch that meets the different needs of every client based on convenience and expertise.

Designing a Brand Logo

A logo is a way for companies to visually represent their brand identity, services, and company. Having the right logo design gives provides a significant impact on your brand to give a good first impression towards your target customers. When it comes to creating the visual aspects of a brand, we take this step very seriously as it helps our clients to build and improve their business for the long run. The overall look and feel of your log must match the preferred aesthetics of your brand’s visual identity. Therefore, we will continue to work and revise our designs until it captures the unique essence of your brand. The aspects of maintaining a good visual identity are important to us as it is towards your business, as a result, both of your business’ branding designs and logo designs are crafted by our team of designers specialized in crafting the right visual elements derived from their experience in creative web design.

Brand Marketing Integration

The importance of keeping a form of connection between your business and your target customers is critical. Maintaining said connection can be tricky as well with new forms of marketing materials being used nowadays in this digital world. However, as a professional in the digital marketing Malaysia, we keep our clients ensured in helping them to maintain a great relationship with their customers by providing services in crafting marketing materials through social media, press releases, and so forth. Our responsibilities as a web design company keep us on our toes to assist you in keeping your brand on the correct path towards communication to your target audience in the most efficient way possible.

Brand Packaging and Product Design

We don’t just dwell into creating new ideas within the digital space, but we also take advantage of the vast amount of resources available and utilize them to create something beneficially innovative. We as one of the branding companies in Malaysia wants to create a form of convenience with a big impact on design and an array of design services including brochure and magazine design, print advertising design, and a multitude of other visual selections that will contribute to the success of your brand.  

We are a team of Barbie and Kens who can help your brand to be beautiful and famous like us.

Branding that drives performance and gets you results.

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Process Involved In Branding

A brand that is recognisable and adored is an asset that a company must value. Helping you to find ways to build the foundations of a brand that is special for you and your business is something that gets our system going as one of the branding agency Kuala Lumpur, especially when it comes to preparing your business for future opportunities.

Identify Your Target Audience

Getting to know your target audience and what they are interested in is the first big step in developing your brand. We who works as a digital marketing agency Malaysia too want to understand how your brand could interest and benefit them so that we can develop something that would represent your brand with a great touch of curiosity, pique the interests of your target audience, and transform them into potential customers.  

Set your Brand’s Mission Statement

Every business must have an end goal. Create a mission statement for your brand and embrace it across various channels that are connected to your brand, e.g social media, business website. We as a digital agency Malaysia are well informed that in the Malaysian market, the mission statement should also cover the brand online presence.

Brand Competition Research

Being aware of other businesses competing against your brand is a must and understanding how to stand out from the others will benefit the growth of your brand that can lead to higher numbers of new and returning customers. Lined up with strategic brand consultants and analyst, we often find brand competition research as a method to obtain an upper hand in the market.

Construct Value propositions

With competition arising at every minute, our branding services focus on creating value propositions that are unique for your customers combined with great value and benefits. This is because we as a branding company Malaysia are the experts of the A-Z of the Malaysian market.

Set Brand Guidelines

Every branding process needs a guideline and one that will present the tone of your brand and incorporates a strategy that is effective, efficient, and productive with the right amount of visual element to keep your brand moving to success.  However, as part of the tools in advertising, we focus on giving you guidelines that involve methods to position yourself in the advertising in Malaysia.

Brand Marketing

As an agency that specialize in digital marketing Malaysia, we are aware that to keep your brand at the top in the market, brand marketing is the vital part to tackle first. The result of a successful branding process involves keeping your brand exciting and different from the crowd, integrating your brand into every aspect and platforms, and most importantly for all of our clients, we help them to stay true to their brand’s unique values.  


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