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We as a part of a website design company Malaysia design graphics and wireframe templates using the latest programs and techniques to ensure the relevance and portability of your site. We understand that clean, well-coded integrations of site graphics can make or break your website performance. As our design beliefs go, sometimes less is just more.

Web Developer Malaysia.

Our team of web developers Malaysia makes each design come to life with ultra-fast load times, crystal-clear images, and hyper-responsive site navigation. We write clean, elegant code that translates to superior usability and simple, secure site maintenance so your site runs like a well-oiled machine.


Our expertise in web design KL ensures that your website will be made to easily cater to the large base of mobile smartphone and tablet users by designing responsive websites that adapt with optimum usability on smaller screens to ensure that your smartphone surfers won’t miss a thing.


As an eCommerce website builder Malaysia, creating websites that makes your business runs easier is what we do best.  We’re honed with the expertise required to develop a Malaysia eCommerce website that is capable in attracting the minds, hearts, and wallets of our client’s target audiences and transform them into returning customers.

Graphic Design.

We are committed to delivering stunning design ideas in accordance to your time and budget regardless of the size and type of medium. Our design process focuses on listening and developing excellent working relationships with our clients that would help us create the necessary design blueprints that they need.

Custom Development.

As a design agency Malaysia, we are accustomed to taking on any new creative projects as an exciting challenge. We want to provide our clients with the best experience possible, nevertheless, no matter the requirements, our experienced team of web designers and developers can assist.


Users would typically spend an average of 7 to 10 seconds on the majority of websites that they visit. It is vital that your website is able to capture the user’s attention with a clear value proposition to convey your goals and vision within that short amount of time available before the user decides to leave. Understanding the key elements to a successful eCommerce website design Malaysia provides the advantage of knowing what values most to both your site and your target audience.

1. Perfected Pitch

Taking the time to perfect your core marketing message and making sure that the first two sentences of your website present a clear and concise tone of the message is essential. Not only that, your brand must be presented in a way that shows valuable credibility within a brief caption that is capable of outlining your company’s specialities, unique services, and overall target goal. As there are a lot of things to relay in a short amount of time, it is important that your pitch is compelling with great clarity. With our comprehensive Malaysia web design package, you should not fret about the overall appearance of your website.

2. A Clear Path of Call to Actions

The question that many marketers and business owners ask as to why their website design isn’t converting is due to the lack of call to actions (CTA’s). The use of CTA’s in a website can include simple “Buy Now” buttons or by including phone numbers and contact details of the company and are often part of a good design aspect that allows subtle encouragement for visitors to move on to the next step. Basically, CTAs are made to establish engagement between you and the visitor as these actions are segmented into a path of conversion that is easy for users to understand and guide themselves through. When visitors come to your website, they would be asked specific forms of information before proceeding to fulfill an inquiry action or conducting a purchase. Call to actions should be done in a way that is smart enough to preempt the user’s next step, assisting them in a gentle manner by leading them through a pleasant browsing experience through your website in a way that you’d want them to be able to get the information that they were looking for.

One of the most basic ways you can do as a foundational start to call to actions is by placing your phone number at the top right of your site, important quick links where content is most valuable, and on the footer section at every page. This basic form of the call to actions is crucial especially for mobile websites where the majority of users would need a quick search for your contact details, service hours, or location address.

3. Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is often neglected, and it shouldn’t be as it is a marketing strategy where implementation could not have been easier. The simplest design that often used for website design Kuala Lumpur is about the conversion tracking where you’ll need to be aware of the number of inquiries and sales received from your website, where the visitors come from, and the cost it took to get those visitors. With these factors at hand, you’ll be able to measure the overall marketing expenditure with better accuracy, identify the possible success for various modifications and adjustments, and needed improvements made to your online marketing or web design, as well as measure the underlying success contributed by your website. Hiring a good website design company Kuala Lumpur will be able to help you with tracking your marketing conversions with ease.

4. Engaging ‘About Us’ Page

About Us pages are often ignored because they have gotten a bad reputation for having company information written in a less engaging way. More often than not, the About Us page is written in a boring tone and does not involve the customer. While it may seem absurd to instead, write the contents of the About Us page more to the customer instead of your company, there is a beneficial reason behind doing so.

Mainly, your company is still functioning due to your customers, making it a fair supporting answer that your About Us page should include your customer as well. However, this does not mean that you should neglect to create attractive portfolio personalities of those running your organization as usually, customers would want to know the people in charge of providing convenience into people’s lives with what they have to offer.

Just like the rest of your site, your About Us page should have all the necessary information present in a sufficient context that tells your visitors how you can benefit them. With the help of experienced web designers, your series of texts and images will be planned and arranged for you that is best suited to show a professional outlook that is specific to your business on your About Us page.

5. Delivering High-Quality Content

Content marketing relies on quality content from your website. Without quality content, your marketing efforts would go futile leading to the inability to relay your message, attract your target audience and market, or gain the capability of pitching your ideas on the issues that you can offer to resolve and how you can solve them at ease. Everything that is listed on your website should be pointed and copy to an engaging and informative form if an email newsletter is utilized. The main factor here when it comes to content marketing relies on the visual element design where context is arranged in a form that is easy to read, delivered in properly segmented portions, and meets the interests of your target market.

Your website content, design, and brand are one of the vital tools that should be placed in top priority as delivering these three aspects with a smooth and enjoyable experience leads to an increase in visitor traffic and returns, more engagement in Call to Actions, and reach towards your company’s end goal for every visitor to website interaction. As high-quality as content should be, this demonstrates a level of professionalism in terms of integrity and authority towards your visitors. Having content written and structured in a way that shows you care about what you do and how you represent your brand would most likely lead your visitors to invest some time and effort browsing your site, complete a purchase, or share awareness of your website and its services.  

6. Beautiful Website Visual Design

A visually appealing and interesting website is one that would make visitors more inclined to stay and return. The design and usability aspects is a significant part of a website that shapes how your company presents itself through an online presence, and with a visual design that is captivating enough to keep a user returning, you’ve established a form of trust and quality with a visitor towards your company and product. We always focus on the process of website development Malaysia as we only aim nothing but exquisite visual design for our clients’ websites.

As many of us may have grasped on, the best website designs are often structured around the importance of keeping the sites visual design as its top priority due to its significant impact on a visitor. Not only is it crucial to have a design that would attract your visitors to stay, but it also largely shows the identity of your brand that will leave your visitors with the first impression of your services. While many visitors may not realize this, but it takes half a second for us to give an opinion subconsciously. Such as how, if your company has a visual appearance that is not as compelling as the others, your visitors may perceive your company with a subconscious rating of below average.

It is advised to keep your visual appearance unique when one of your goals is to stand out from the competition by investing in a custom website design instead of utilizing template designs such as from website builder Malaysia like Wix or WordPress website, having one that is made just for your brand would truly reflect your brand’s individual identity as well as showcase your unique differences from the rest. When it comes to creating a design made for your goal and vision, hiring a professional web design agency can be a great investment that would branch out to more benefits for improvement.

7. A User Experience that Makes Sense

Encouraging user interaction and increase conversions can be built based on the objectives of your target visitors and by their respective point of view. Mainly, you could ask yourself the possible reasons as to why they chose to visit your website. From there, you can begin to identify the answers that they hope to find from your site. The end user experience can be improved by viewing the design of your website from their point of view as this could greatly create an insightful experience for you to equally understand what needs to be changed, what solutions to be delivered, and what needs to improve. Share your opinions with your web designers as well by suggesting for them to view the design aspect from the users perspective.

A good and informative design should make it convenient for users to access the information they need upon visiting. Information such as product prices, specifications, or contact details should be placed in a section where users can quickly be directed to without any hassle. Great user experience is all about providing your users what they need before they even realize they needed this type of convenience. Web design Kuala Lumpur has evolved to a point where modern design is the current trend where the focus has been shifted to equally balance aesthetics and the front end functionality of a website to provide the best user experience for your visitors.

8. Responsive Mobile Design

There are over 50% of internet users browsing the web with their smartphones or tablet. Recent statistics have shown that mobile users have exceeded desktop users by roughly 2 per cent and the conversion rates are still growing exponentially due to the convenience that mobile brings. This calls for the need for websites to be able to adapt to various screen resolutions by integrating a responsive web design optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.

Having a responsive web design that the content of your website will be delivered in an effective way no matter what device was used to browse your site. Complex designs with many visual elements must integrate a responsive web design for their mobile web view in order to deliver a mobile-friendly browsing experience to their visitors. There must be no instance where your mobile viewers must adapt to viewing the desktop version of your site through their phones as this would lead to frustration due to the difficulty in interacting with various menus, buttons, and links.

9. Strong CMS and Secure Web Structure

The design of your website should be built on a platform that is capable of providing efficiency as the platform you choose provides one of the largest impacts towards your content interaction with your visitors. Choosing a content management system (CMS) that is capable of handling the overall structure and performance of your website is crucial especially for websites catered to eCommerce purposes. With the minimum features missing, you would be wasting your time in optimising your site for search engines, troubleshoot bugs and errors, and creating new content to post.

Choosing the best CMS for your site involves a few factors, such as whether or not it has a content editing interface that is simple and easily accessible from all types of devices, provides a quick loading time, SEO friendly, is widely used by many users, web designers and developers, as well as the software, is continuously updated and supported by its developers.

10. Secure Marketing Strategy Planning

Your sales and enquiries will not continue to generate for long even with an online presence if you lack strategy that would help you work with how to better expand awareness towards your content, increase search traffic, and attract new visitors and convert them into profitable customers. Websites have branched various forms of marketing, including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into your content, adding social media handles and email marketing, and so on. However, it is important to note that the type of marketing strategy won’t work the same way for all types of industries, therefore you need to be able to plan a strategy that is best suited for what you are looking to sell. One of the ways you can do is by experimenting with different available channels of marketing strategies through a trial and error process until you discover one that is effective and beneficial for both you and your target audience.

11. Teaming with a Web Design Company

Finding the right website design Malaysia company to be part of your team is a big step to create big change. You don’t have to worry about writing, designing, or marketing your website as you can leave it all to us. Investing in a web design company Malaysia will not only benefit you in your time, but you’ll also trust that our designers will turn your ideas into a long term investment.

If you’re not sure how to inquire whether the web designer is for you, you can ask them about whether or not they are aware of the necessary elements that are essential in creating a website that is based on your criteria. Not only that, inquire the web designer on their proposal ideas and how they would incorporate them and look into whether they have a portfolio based on previous successful work. Searching for an experienced and creative web design agency can be a job that leads to a number of indecisions. But with web design Malaysia companies such as Sterrific Agency, we’ll be at the best position to provide you what you need in order to receive a successful end result that you deserve.

Our designers are eager to lend magic hands for the Midas touch for your website.

Web design that drives performance and gets you results.

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A brand that is recognisable and adored is an asset that a company must value. Helping you to find ways to build the foundations of a brand that is special for you and your business is something that gets our system going, especially when it comes to preparing your business for future opportunities.

1. Understanding Your Goals

Every website is unique in their own ways. To help us understand what you need to accomplish, we as a website developer Malaysia wants to find out more about you and your goals for your website on a personal basis. We’ll be discovering the identity of your company, your brand, and your needs before determining the best web solution to be placed into action.

2. Planning

After research, an outline of the overall web development Malaysia project will be constructed based on the insights that were obtained previously. The planning stage is the most critical point of every web development Malaysia process as it involves setting the project milestones, deadlines, and goals that you need to achieve.

3. Mockups & Wireframes

We as a representative for a web development company in Malaysia will be able to begin constructing your vision into reality as we continue with creating a draft of your website meticulously done by our team of web designers. All of our designs are formed with your target customers as our main focus of attention. In other words, they are made to help your business grow.

4. Web Development

Our mockups will continue to be reviewed and changed until it is approved by our clients. Once the final mockup is approved, our web developer Malaysia will begin coding your website. Both of the designs and functionalities are coded to harmonize each other in terms of usability and experience for your customers.

5. Quality Assurance

Upon development completion, we want to run through your website to ensure that all of its functionalities, the technical side of view, and design elements appear as they should be before your website is launched for the world to see.  



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