Commercial Photography Malaysia.

Need to promote your brand, product, and services? Not to worry, as we are lined up with some professionals photographer Malaysia, our commercial photography service is fully capable of capturing the best photograph of your products that would captivate and draw more and more customers hooked to your brand.

Portrait Photography & Corporate Headshot.

As demand for corporate headshot rises, we are committed to fulfill your needs. Corporate headshot sets a great first impression of your company as it represents the people behind the products. Capture your employees headshot to be displayed on your website and social media profile now!

Corporate Photography and Videography.

Introduce the unique personality of your company through authentic and high-resolution images and videos! Gather your employees and look no far to find local photographers because let our photographer shoot them. You know it is always a good idea to have photography videography session with your team for the sake of your website.

Event & Interior Photography.

We know that moments are meant to be remembered. Our team is a pro at mingling with guests and capturing moments of your events. We also do interior photography to capture your beautiful spaces. Hire a photographer from our team to capture the moments and spaces so you can keep the memories alive!

Personal/Business Branding Photography.

Personal branding is as important as business branding. With mastery of lighting, angles, and other photography techniques, our local photographers are experts in shooting both people and product. The result? A new level of branding!

Social Media Photography.

Different platforms require different photography approach, and we acknowledge this very well. Let us display vibrant photos of your products and people on your social media pages. By assembling eye-pleasing images, we guarantee the happiness of you and your followers.


In this digital world everything happens instantly, photograph acts as a shortcut to draw customers’ attention and to visually describe the products and services that are offered by your website. Product photography Malaysia is all about showcasing the attractiveness of your products to entice potential buyers to buy your products and here in Malaysia we are the right one for the job. We grow as photography Malaysia develop rapidly over the years to cater for the demands of online business across the country. Being online makes visual presentation acts as a vital aspect in your business.

Benefits of professional photography to your website:

  • Enhance buyer’s touchpoint

Firstly, it would drive the buyers to make a purchase. Professional photography perceives product quality and value that enable the photograph to draw buyers into completing their shopping activity.

  • Photograph as branding

Another benefit of having quality photograph is that it is one of the keys to great branding. The quality and attractiveness of a photograph represent the credibility of your brand, not only through your website but also through other channels such as social media, prints, packaging, and other marketing efforts.

  • Image Optimization

Professional photography services would also do image optimization. So that your photograph would achieve high quality while maintaining your website loading speed.

Photography Tips Based on Type of Products:

There are several photography tips that are used by professional photographer to capture the best photograph for your website. The tips would differ based on the type of the products your website is selling.

1. Fashion Photos

Owning a fashion brand makes it mandatory to get in touch with fashion photography. The photographer needs to emphasize the fashion products, showcasing the clothing while at the same time maintaining photography composition techniques.

To take photograph of your fashion products, you should consider the platforms in which you are going to post them. In most marketplace, white background works best. But since you are managing your own website, you are welcome to use different colors that best represent your brand and your products. One product should have more than one photograph. It should capture multiple angles and capture the way it is used, so that people can visual the product better. You should consider taking the photograph of the clothes while worn by a model instead of having photograph of the clothes alone. Fashion photography is different with portrait photography. It is not mandatory to take photograph of the model’s face, but focus more on the clothing. A professional photographer should also include fashion photography best practice when encountered with this business use case.

Further tips about having fashion photography is that you need to tell a story. It is a common mistakes of photographer to not tell a story. Each fashion line should have a story to tell. For instance, if the products are party dresses, the models and the backgrounds should bring a party vibe that makes the audience understand that those are party dresses, without needing to have a text description telling that those are party dresses. Incorporate some properties to your photograph, such as balloons, hats, and other accessories. Try different angles. You should give visual presentation that entail the customer intention to buy.

2. Food

If you are running a restaurant, cafe, or catering service you would want to have the photograph of your menu in your website. These photographs need to capture the taste of the food and create a mouth-watering experience for the website visitors.

Your food and drink should be garnished to best represent your brand. Focus on the food and drink, not the additional properties. Remove the clutters of spoons, forks, and other cutleries to allow more focus to the food itself. In order to get that focus, sometimes it would not hurt to take overhead shots of the plate. Color is a very important aspect in food photography, as you cannot use black and white settings. The best place for taking food photograph would be by a window with natural light and add some balance by using extra flash to remove the shadows.

One last thing to remember is that the photographer needs to be quick. If you are taking photograph of desserts for example, it might melt, especially under extra lighting. Similarly, if you are taking photograph of hot plates food, you might want to take photograph while the steam is still there. There is also a trick to create more ‘just cooked’ food photograph by creating additional steam in the background. A professional photographer must be in charge of this particular type of business. All in all, you need to make sure the overall proportion and colors make the target audience hungry for more order.

3. Company Photos or Headshots

Having photograph of the company members is a nice way to make your website looks more humane. Put a photograph for each team of services, that would make your website more personalized to present the company’s dynamics and engagement. Give friendly photograph of your company to the target audience, so that customers would want to purchase from you, and other businesses would want to cooperate with you. With professional photography, you can grow your business!

Corporate photograph can cover your employees photograph, individually or in team, and also the photograph of the interior and exterior of your office. When it comes to individual or portrait photography Malaysia, you should use the rule of thirds. Imagine there is a grid of 3×3 on your photography camera, and have your subjects covering the two thirds of the grid. This comes more natural compared to having the object on dead center. Another tip is to put your subject’s eyes between the top and middle thirds of the grid, do not put a lot of empty space above the head.

Company photo can also include the photograph of your office, the interior and the building. For the interior, you can take candid photographs of your team. For the building photograph, keep in mind that sunlight is the best natural lighting, take photograph of your building one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. Those are the best photography timing for outdoor photography. Avoid taking outdoor photography at noon because it tends to be overexposed, hence would cast too much unnecessary shadows.

4. Event Photos

Event photography might vary from corporate events, family events, to music and art events. Regardless of the type and scale of the event, a professional photographer should capture the best moments of the event.

At an event, it is important to take the pre-event photograph, so that the original decoration can be captured before people come and change the placement of all properties. It is also important to take both candid and posed photograph so that people can see that everyone is having a good time.

Similar to food photography, the photographer needs to be quick as events move in a quick pace. Every moments need to be captured, but the moments can go by very quickly, from speeches to speeches or song after song. Event photograph also needs to be edited and delivered quickly so that people are still in the euphoria of the event.

Above are some tips that applicable to particular types of businesses. Photographers need to learn to adapt to different products genre. Do not worry! Apply those tips to your website and have them drive your product sales up and running in no time.

We are a team who take the rule of third and the grid seriously.

Photography that drives performance and gets you results.

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Get to know our photography process! From pre-production, all the way to the post-production process. Once you are familiar with it, it would be easier for you to engage with us and create beautiful photographs together. Whether it is product photography, corporate photography, interior photography, event photography Malaysia or even a mixture of them, there is nothing we cannot do for you. Our team at Sterrific would capture the best of you, delivering the best visual display that gains the number of viewers. Do reach out and let us lend our hands to you.

1. Get In Touch

First and foremost, get in touch with us. Here at Sterrific, we believe that great business comes from great relationship. The more we know each other, the better our business activity would run. It is easy to get in touch with us! Contact us by phone, email, or through the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our friendly team would be happy to promptly answer your enquiries. We would like to know your business, your requirement, budget allocations, and how are we going to help you.

2. Pre-Production

Think before you shoot. Our pre-production process covers deeper analysis on how to successfully nail the photographs. We need to understand the concepts and the purpose of the photograph, list down all the properties and materials needed for the photoshoot, arrange and agree on the timeline, and decide the kind of vibe and story to tell the audience. Without a thorough planning, the production process might be troubled, wasting time and money, and we do not want that. Better planning, better result!

3. On Event/Production

Having careful and thorough planning makes the production process works smoothly. We work in effective and efficient manner with quality creative direction that enhances the aesthetic composition of your products and people. Our professional photographers would capture all the best moments and angles of your products, people, or event, by using years of photography mastery. Although we take our work seriously, our working setting is always fun! You would have the best time throughout all our photography sessions.

4. Post Production

After the photoshoot sessions, our expert photographers would continue to the post production process. Post production covers selecting the footages, advanced editing, final retouching, and delivering the end result. With our excellent editing skills, your final photographs would have magnificent quality and captivate the audience. At Sterrific, we always do our best to keep our promise to fulfill the customers’ expectations.

That’s it! Easy right? Above are the steps of a photography journey that you would go through with us – a pleasant journey, guaranteed. With our years of experience in delivering commercial photography, you would not need to be worry because you are in the right hand. Let Sterrific makes you visually terrific.


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