Video Production.

We made up of some videographer Malaysia are very responsible when it comes to the whole process of video production and not to mention that we are open to challenges as well. We have creative brains to solve your creative problems in providing highly creative content for your audience.

Media Distribution.

Getting the word out to the public has to be distributed in the most strategic manner and our team are some media specialists who have broad knowledge about several media platforms that will give you the upper hand in the market. Thus, first thing first, brainstorm for the best solution there is.

Post Production.

Our team are the most experts in this stage of the video production and will ensure that they will carry out a professional video editing to produce first-class content in terms of quality. We also ensure that it caters the need of various purpose of videos.


Our team thrive for capturing the heart and mind of the mass audience for your video through engaging and interesting contents. We aim to assist our clients in getting the right media fit that is highly matched the content to make them the talk of the town, especially through a company corporate video.

Technology Solutions.

We solve your problem by ensuring that your video is going to be viewed by the right audience and stand out among others in the market. Our video production team always ensure that your campaign has maximum reach and higher impact.

Animation & Graphics.

Video with mere motion pictures is plain boring. We are the team who is responsible to ensure that our clients’ videos are outstanding with simple complementing animation and graphics. We will ensure the complementary elements represent our clients’ identity as well.


Video production is a process of producing video content or motion visual content. Although it seems easy, not everyone can have the talent to produce a quality content that is attractive not only for the eyes but for the brain and ears as well. Video production is neither an easy task nor it is an affordable one. Many marketers struggled with the desire to produce marketing video but can’t afford the process of producing one.

Video production has three common stages which would take place every time a video production company Malaysia or a production house in Malaysia are producing a video. Whenever a video is at stake of being produced, there will be companies or agencies that would be doing the step-by-step processes which ensure that the video is beautifully made. The three common video production stages that often used by some video production company Malaysia companies no matter a corporate video, explainer video or product video are the pre-production, production and the post-production.

It is very common for any video production company to stick to these processes as it helps them get to a more clear picture of getting the end product of producing the video. However, there are actually a few key aspects that can be kept in mind when video production team are working on each stage.


Pre-production as the starter for the three stages can actually be a daunting process for some small video production house in Malaysia. It involves all the elements that are needed to be done before the actual production of the video.  This process can be very crucial as it can influence the process of producing the video and the end product of the video itself. Although it seems impossible, video production needs everything to be perfect in order for a video production company to get an outstanding end product. However, in order to be perfect, a video production company should be able to plan and carry out a thorough strategy in the pre-production process.

Pre-production is the preparation stage. Video pre-production stage involves a lot of figuring out the original plan and the plan B. Whoever works in the video production industry must know how prominent it is for them to have plan B. Usually producer who involves in producing video would find an excellent team that he or she is comfortable with to ensure that the chemistry will be a bridge to a smoother transition of one process of producing the video to another. Apart from that, each element in the pre-production stage should be scrutinized to ensure that there won’t be little to no mistakes presence in the process of producing a functional video.

Among the key aspects that must be carried out in this process, making sure these elements are taken care of is the most crucial yet daunting task for the team especially producers.

  • Market research

Market research specifically is done for marketers to analyze its own definite audience and the potential one. It is done by the video production Malaysia agency if you hire one and they will find the right market and audience fit for your end products. This will ensure that no cost is being wasted by producing only content that can be served to huge groups of the target audience who are willing to watch the video.

  • Script-Writing & Storyboard

Scriptwriting is just another important element in video production no matter whether the video contains spoken or written dialogue or simply just without dialogue. A script is a guide especially for directors in the production process, thus the script must be done before the production process itself. A script is a textual guide while a storyboard is a visual guide for the whole video production team especially the director.

  • Team

Finding a team or the team that can definitely work together and has a high level of chemistry is rather the earliest obstacle for a producer. This is because the team is going to work day and night to produce a series of videos. A video production team that works together to produce an excellent end product must able to share thoughts and able to learn together. It is also best advised if you could find special videographer for certain genre you are producing for example a team of corporate videographer if you are producing corporate video as it better ensures the high quality of the end product.

  • Location

Finding the right location especially for outdoor setting for a video can be a major headache. Other than the location itself and the distance from one to another as well as the weather at the location can be some crucial elements to be taken into considerations. However, finding the right location for an indoor setting can as well be just as daunting as finding one that is external, away from the office. It can be studio Malaysia if the production house doesn’t have one or any cafe, but again, the distance can be unreachable for certain reasons.

  • Equipment

Although most video production house has most of the video production equipment needed for producing the video, not all have all the video production equipment, especially the one that is more specialized and advanced video production equipment. Often, small video production house faces the problem of not having equipment such as a drone or camera slider. This kind of problem should be taken care of before the production starts to ensure that the production process can be done smoothly without any hiccups.


  • Shooting

Shooting a video can be very exhausting as it involves a long process especially when there are only a small amount of cameras used for so many angles to cover. It is very crucial for videographers and the directors to always keep in mind about the rule of third when shooting or filming a video. It keeps the proportion of subject and background as well as other complementary elements to blend well but has distinct functions on-screen. It is also very important to figure out the source of lighting that is most efficient when shooting outdoor. Natural lighting is always the best option but not all time that the sunlight is at its best. Video production Malaysia companies suggest that the best time is 10 am to 12 pm and somewhere around the late afternoon has the best natural light. We also offer a great video lighting Malaysia services if you like your video to be exposed to some lights though moderately.

  • Review

Getting a review and feedback in the production process itself is different from the one in the post-production. Reviewing the video production process and the technical part is super crucial in producing an excellent end product. This is because, during this stage, corrections can still be made whether it is minor or major changes. We have to admit that mistakes can occur in the pre-production process. Thus, major changes in terms of the shooting part itself are not that uncommon but we never say that it won’t involve some cost.


  • Planning

Post production Malaysia works just like post production in other countries. Planning in the post-production could be seen as wrongly placed as it is the last stage of producing videos and often planning is at the early stage. However, planning is the first important step to be done in post-production stage as it helps video editor and the producer as well as the director to find a common ground to work on the way the video should be edited. Video editor should be involved in planning as he or she or the team are the ones that would edit the video into an end product. Planning in the last stage of video production keeps the idea and the mission of producing a video in mind in every person involves in the editing process.

  • Editing

Other than shooting, editing the video can also be very exhausting. If it’s a new style video for the production house, truthfully, it will involve with a lot of try and error process. Video editors must keep in mind, the type of video that they are editing when they are in the process. It can be a more formal introductory corporate video Malaysia or a more brief but graphical explainer video or even commercial product video. Editing can be from very basic to some advance process of merging the use of some Adobe’s software such as Animate, Premiere Pro and After Effect. Thus, it is not a process but rather a several steps process especially when subtitles or narrations are involved.

  • Getting feedback

For the video editor and the team who involved in the editing process, getting feedback is just as important as planning. This is because, getting feedbacks involved some critiques, thoughts and opinions by the producer, director or the client itself. However, in contrast with the feedbacks and review obtained in the production process, the feedbacks obtained at this stage only results in a minor change of editing instead of the shooting. Getting feedback is important as it is the last filter for the video production company before they send it to the client to upload and commercialize the video.

The production process involves these three stages that are very prominent in influencing the end product of video production. Without the right care and attention by the video production team, you might jeopardize the video although there would be cost be put on the table for the team to produce the video. Thus, to avoid waste on the cost of producing nonsensical videos with no purpose, it is best to find a solid team to take care of all the three stages of  video production.

We are a team of Tim Burton who got a knack to the element that is crucial to appear on-screen.

Video Production that drives performance and gets you results.

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A video is the most intriguing visual element there is, it keeps the attention of the audience locked as it involves motion. Lending you hands to go through each stage of producing fascinating and engaging videos for the business is something that we don’t want to take for granted as it is our passion; helping and producing a video.

1. Professionally Orchestrated

We are sure that cracking the head just to pop up the bubble of ideas and insights can be exhausting for the business people. Hence, we will make sure to come up with brilliant ideas to translate our clients’ message on-screen that contain the insights of their audience. In addition, we are continuously updated with new technology that would aid with improving our video production services for our clients. Our team is always striving to orchestrate new project plans to create content that is both simple and impactful.

2. Experience-Driven

Our video production crew has the right balance of creativity, passion, and experience, enough to create engagement in what we do. We’ve begun producing videos for a decade, making us as one of the top experienced creative web design agencies in Malaysia.

3. Creative Engagement

When it comes to producing a video for your business, our crew is well versed with combining creativity and technology that would transform our client’s ideas into something that they will love. In terms of the content, we are a team of some worthy writers who know how crucial the role of a script can play in producing the storyboard and eventually the video presentation itself. Scriptwriting is the first thing first and we ensure that it translates your idea very well.

4. Technically Sound

We understand the need to keep ourselves updated with new tech to continue to make videos that are interesting and captivating. Also, we love to combine our creative imaginations with our skills in videography software so you don’t have to. Be it corporate video, commercial video or simply just on-web video, we want to be a responsible team who produce videos that are functional to our clients and their stakeholders. We are aware what functions each video carries in our clients’ business especially as we do thrive to be the best corporate video company there is in Malaysia.

5. Great Team Support

Ensuring an excellent end product can be tricky with the wrong team, thus why in every production process, we are going to be the right team to our clients. We ensure each stage are taken care with scrutiny and high concentration for perfection. Most importantly, the ideas derived from our clients is what keeps our motivation to be driven by making content that represents you. We want to provide you with personalized service with full-time support so that we can communicate your vision efficiently as transparent as possible.

6. Reputation

We’re proud of the multitude of positive comments and praises received from our clients in and outside of Malaysia. The feedback received from our work is what fuels us to keep providing high-quality solutions in every new project we receive. We also are known for our well-matched market fit with the videos we crafted because we are aware that finding the market fit is our clients’ job but matching the taste in videos for the market fit is our job. Before everything, we are the team who focus on getting the right message and level of understanding by our clients’ audience through research.



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