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SEO Malaysia

The importance of SEO in Malaysia is greatly emphasized when it comes to digital marketing, but sometimes, it may be hard to pin-point specific keywords or keywords that are commonly used to look up a query. Which is why there has been a rise in many SEO based software that can assist digital marketers. In this list, we will go over the various SEO softwares that digital marketers can use when seeking to up their SEO game.

#1. Ahrefs

SEO Malaysia

Many of us in the field of SEO in Malaysia are familiar with Ahrefs. The origins of the company can be traced to 2007, when their CEO, Dmitry, grew an interest in Search Engines. It is now one of the most used SEO tools for digital marketers, us included!

Ahrefs is also one of the biggest website crawlers below Google itself, this makes them have extensive information which may be useful to SEO marketers in Malaysia. Marketers take great joy out of using Ahrefs Site Audit feature, which helps them point out what features of the site need improving in order to get a higher ranking. As you might deduce, that is extremely helpful for SEO marketers as they will not have to waste time finding the problems themselves.

Ahrefs is also great when you want to better understand your competition as well, as they have tools to help you with just that. You will be able to analyse the backlinks of your competitions which can paint you a better picture of the success of their rankings, as well as find a base to start with your own ranking efforts too. 

We at Sterrific love to use Ahrefs as we see it as a great tool for keyword research, creating SEO audits, tracking our rankings and so on.

#2. Moz

SEO Malaysia

Moz is another popular software which SEO Marketers in Malaysia have praised for always being up to date with Google’s algorithm changes. Their live support chat is also something that is appreciated so queries can be tended to on the spot. Moz can provide good keyword recommendations and perform site crawls. Like Ahrefs, Moz can also provide recommendations to sites that need to up their ranking game and they will be able to point out which areas need a fix or improvement.

Their MozBar toolbar is a free tool that can be downloaded from Moz. The MozBar can help SEO marketers in various ways, these include:

  • Helping them make custom searches based on which search engines, country, region, or city.
  • It gives them access and allows them to compare different metrics across different sites while looking at the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 
  • And on webpages, the toolbar can highlight keywords and tell you which links are ‘followed’ or ‘no-follow’.
  • Allow marketers to view page elements general attributes, markup, link metrics, and HTTP status.
  • Having the ability to quickly assess the probability of ranking with Page and Domain Authority. 
  • Allows for exporting SERP analysiation details in CSV format.

#3. KW Finder

SEO Malaysia

This is a keyword based tool that can assist SEO marketers to find long-tail keywords with lower competition levels. KW Finder is great at helping find the best keywords to use to rank with, along with getting a good analysis of backlinks as well as SERPs.

KW Finder’s Rank Tracker tool can help SEO marketers in Malaysia easily determine their site’s ranking while tracking their progress based on a single key metric. In addition to this, KW Finder will also recommend marketers a number of new keyword ideas to help them get higher rankings on their sites. 

Other features of KW Finder include:

Keyword Lists

SEO marketers have the ability to create keyword lists with the best ranking keywords for later use and for better organisation. You can create as many lists as you want. In the lists, there are also keyword details:

  • Search volume summary
  • Average CPC
  • Average PPC
  • Average Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Import

Sometimes marketers have already compiled their own list of useful keywords to rank, so, if they want to see more information about these keywords, KW Finder allows for the ability to import these keywords; the amount depends on what plan the SEO marketer is on for KW Finder. Below are what plans you can choose from.

  • Registered free user: Up to 50 keywords 5-times a day = 250 keywords
  • Basic user: Up to 200 keywords 100-times a day = 20,000 keywords
  • Premium user: Up to 700 keywords 500-times a day = 350,000 keywords
  • Agency user: Up to 700 keyword 1,200-times a day = 840,000 keywords

#4. SEMRush

SEO Malaysia

Many SEO marketing experts in Malaysia love this tool because of the ability to access their own rankings, what changes they made and get suggestions to new ranking opportunities. The feature that makes SEMRush great is its Domain vs Domain analysis which allows for marketers to compare their site’s rankings with the competitors. Here are some of the features offered by SEMRush:

Keyword Difficulty

The Keyword Difficulty Tool will help show which keywords are easier to rank for based on how much competition they have. This will assist in making sure you know which keywords to focus on and which are the most effective when used. The tool will give a percentage of difficulty for keywords, so the higher the percentage, the more effort and time is needed to rank higher than your competition for that keyword. 


SEMRush provides charts that can help SEO marketers get a visual representation of SEO marketers and your competitors web presence, as well as where they both stand in terms of ranking. While they can simply give numbers to marketers to indicate, a visual representation is much better as it provides a proper outlook on ranking positions. From pie charts to graphs, this feature is great for those who like looking at illustrated data.

My Reports

This tool allows for SEO marketers in Malaysia to create reports for their rankings. These reports can be built from scratch or can be built from various available templates. They can be exported as PDF and shared as well. 

#5. Google Search Console

SEO Malaysia

Google Search Consoles is a software developed by, you guessed it, Google. And who better to develop such software than a search engine itself? This software will let SEO marketers monitor and analyse their own sites on the Google Search Engine Results Page. Malaysian SEO marketers will just need to register their site with them, this can be done by either adding a line of code when developing the website, or through Google analytics. 

It should be noted not having a Search Console account won’t mean that a site will not appear in the SERP, SEO marketers can use the tool to see what gets indexed and to check where their site stands in the Google search results. 

Other perks of this SEO software include the ability to see what queries will show a site and the ability to analyse site impressions and clicks. SEO marketers can also submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling, along with reviewing a site’s index coverage in order to ensure that Google has the most up-to-date view of a site.

Those who use Google Search Console can also opt to receive emails whenever there are issues on their site. The URL inspection tool can also provide valuable page information on the crawl, index and serving in great detail. 

#6. Alexa SEO

SEO Malaysia

Alexa has been a pioneer in the collection of analytical data since 1996, so it is safe to say that they know what they are doing when it comes to gathering and compiling relevant data for SEO marketers in Malaysia. 

While they are a paid service, they do offer tools that are free to use. 

Web Traffic Statistics

SEO marketers will be able to see a quick analysis of different sites by heading to their website and putting in the URL in the search bar. Once that is done, Alexa will show potential  SEO keyword opportunities, side-by-side statistics between marketers and their respective top competitors, the topics that are relevant to the marketer’s audience and sites that share audiences with the marketer’s site. These services mentioned are free, but getting a subscription with Alexa means that SEO marketers in Malaysia will have access to even more useful features offered by Alexa when it comes to looking at statistics regarding website traffic.

Audience Overlap

This tool allows for SEO marketers to analyse other sites that share the same audience and have keyword overlaps. SEO marketers can use the Audience Overlap in several ways. 

Competitor Analysis
It can be used to find competitors that were hidden under your radar, you can run an analysis to see how well their sites fare against their competitors and which one has the upper hand. They will be able to see the demographics, ranking, traffic statistics, etc. 

Keyword Research
SEO marketers can also use this tool to do a little bit of keyword research, something that is detrimental in ensuring good rankings. Once SEO marketers have found a compiled list of competitor sites, they can select up to 10 sites and run a competitor keyword analysis to find common and shared keywords that multiple sites in their respective industries rank for.

The Competitor Keyword Matrix can assist in finding many different keyword opportunities where the SEO marketers own site does not have and is missing out on.

Influencer Analysis
Influencers are a great way to get good rankings on a site, SEO marketers may already be aware of different influencers within their industry or field. They can enter the URL of the Influencer sites and see what other websites their targeted audience also goes to.

The Alexa Rank column in this tool shows the Influencer’s site’s popularity so marketers can take reference and study the most popular out of all of them and perhaps try to reach out to the ones which may be of great benefit to their own sites. 

Those using this tool can compile a list of Influencer sites they take interest in and save them to their workspace for future outreach.

These are just some of the features of Alexa, you can head over to their site and find a whole array of extremely useful tools that SEO marketers in Malaysia can use.


Those are some of the SEO services and software available for marketers specialising in SEO in Malaysia can use. To us digital marketers, we understand the need for Good SEO, as it is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing there is.

Search engines are a key tool in ensuring that information gets around especially online, and search engines have shown themselves to be great places to market, since nearly everyone online uses search engines. This is why good SEO is the key to getting seen, and this is also why there are a large number of different software available for SEO marketers to make full use of in their voyage to get good rankings. 

If you’re keen on engaging with an agency to handle your SEO, drop us a message! With years of experience, we’ll be sure to help rank your website to the first page.

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