Facebook Marketing Malaysia: How Facebook Maximizes Your Business Profit

by Ain Arissa

Facebook Marketing Malaysia


The fast growth of Facebook users over the years has rapidly increased and it is no surprise it surpasses other social media networks as the most used platforms in the world. The undeniable debate is exactly how does Facebook help on maximizing your business profit?


The What

In today’s time, you often hear everyone saying Facebook is getting lamer and boring.

However, what do Facebook ads have anything to do with making lots of money for your business? Firstly, let’s dive into the whole idea of Facebook ads. 

Since Facebook stores a ton of their user’s data (which they fill in on their own free will) such as age, location and preference, it helps them show product ads that users might have an interest in.

For example, I am sure some of you might have the creeps when something you googled online suddenly appeared on your social media advertisement but fret not it is actually due to this thing called ‘target advertising’

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Ranking Digital Rights

The How

Now to one of the important questions, how do you exactly set up a Facebook ads account for your business if you are unfamiliar with it? Here’s a simple step by step guide explained.

How To Set Up A Facebook Ads Account

Step #1:

Create a Facebook page for your business account and logged into Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #2:

Choose your objective based on what you want your ad to accomplish. Even so, do note that you will pay for content-oriented targets (such as sales) per action but for impressions for visibility targets (traffics and views) no charges will be given.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #3:

Scroll a bit further to name your campaign and choose to set up A/B Testing and whether to turn on the budget optimization button.

For the engagements option, you can also choose which feature you would like to focus on such as post engagement, page likes and event responses.

For this example, I will go with post engagement.

Step #4:

Once you set up your ad account, fill in the blank spaces regarding your country, preferred currency and time zone then click ‘Continue” at the bottom right of the page.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #5:

Target your audience. Start choosing your preferred location, age, gender and detailed targeting you would like your ad to reach.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

As you can see on the right side of the page, there’s a section that shows an estimated number of your page likes. However, do take note that these numbers are not accurate if you are a first-timer in creating an ad.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #6:

Next, is to insert your detailed targeting. Effective targeting is essential to help maximize the engagement of your startup business. With these options, you can include people based on their preferred demographics, interests and behavior. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #7:

Determining your Facebook Ads Placement to decide where your ads will appear. 

For a first-timer, the recommendation for this option is to choose ‘Automatic Placement”. 

When you select this option, Facebook will automatically display your ads across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network where you can acquire the best results.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Once you have mastered this feature, you can further customize your placements with the options device type, platform, placements and specific mobile devices and operating system.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #8:

Next, decide how much money you would like to spend on your Facebook ad campaign by adjusting it on the Budget and Schedule option. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

You can also schedule a future ad to be posted at a set date and time or one to be posted right away at the option Daily Budget or Lifetime Budget.  

Using the advanced option, you can also get specific details on how you want to spend your money.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Step #9:

Create your ad by choosing your desired ad format. (Options may vary due to the campaign objective you selected earlier). 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check if your ad is to your liking at its potential placements. Once you are settled, click the green ‘Confirm’ button to finalize your ad and wait until Facebook approves your add by email. 

The Why

Why You Should Consider Facebook Ads

Reason #1: Ever Growing Number Of Potential Customers

As we all are aware of, the total number of Facebook users as of today can reach up to billions and it is no surprise these people could be interested in your business. If you are someone who has little to none knowledge regarding online marketing, creating a Facebook business page is definitely a superb idea!

Most importantly, it helps you to reach other people in your community or even attain customers from other countries. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Virtual Social Media

Reason #2: Minimize Marketing Expenses

Are you trying to start a business but have absolutely no funding whatsoever? Simmer down my friend, by only creating a Facebook business page you can do it at a very small cost. It is so easy a toddler could do it themselves. 

Omitting the privilege and the wealthy who have all the resources at their fingertips upon starting their business, most business startups need stable funding and they will most probably resort to startup loans that have a few drawbacks

However, if you are still keen and persistent to start-up your own business, there are a few tips and tricks to acquire firsthand. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Money Crashers

Hence, my point is there are countless reasons why Facebook ads are beneficial for your business. For instance, the beauty brand St. Ives Malaysia incorporates Facebook video advertisement to achieve 2 times increase in sales.

Reason #3: Connection

Once adapted to the norms of using Facebook as a marketing tool, it is essential to stay connected and build strong relationships with your customers. 

With Facebook, it helps customers to connect with you straightforwardly and quickly in order to maintain their relationship with you. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Phil & Jim’s PTA

Furthermore, by regularly engaging with your customers you are actually enabling recurring sales and increasing profits thus will help build your brand.

Reason #4: Targeted Advertising

As I had mentioned earlier, one of the features available upon creating an advertisement for your business page is the option “Reach”. 

The main function of this option is to help spread information about your business to as many people as possible. 

Since Facebook analyzes the details of its millions of users, you can actually pay to use this information in order to advertise your business to a specific group/people. 

Reason #5: Website Traffic

One of the fundamentals of online business is steering traffic to your business’s page or website.

Especially during these tough times in a pandemic, many people are leaning towards building a business of their own in order to survive financially. One of the easiest ways to start from the ground up is online marketing.

Ultimately, the objective of targeted traffic is, of course, to obtain more profit from your targeted users, they are the ones who are more likely to take an interest in your products. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Search Engine Journal

In order to sustain your business, it is essential to stay on top of trends even if it is already established and solid.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Smallbusiness.co.uk

As an entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that consumers’ wants and needs are always expanding so it is your responsibility to always show them you are willing to show them you are flexible.

In order to do this, you can do research on trending topics and browse through the Internet for any current events covered to get the overall development of the ongoing interest of people. 

Reason #6: Eyeing Your Competitors

Do you have any clue that Facebook has a trick to actually spy on your competitors? If you are not aware of it, you better get your knuckles cracking and get ready to take down some people! (not literally)

This fascinating new feature by Facebook is a great way for you to keep track of other businesses around you that are growing their brand. 

If the method is too difficult for you to understand, there are surprisingly a few tools which are free for you to download to spy on your competitors on Facebook. 

Reason #7: Brand Awareness And Visibility

Several of the keys to having a stable start-up business is to have the ability to reach a whole lot of people to share your business insights. When used effectively, the number of your potential customers will grow frequently. 

Whenever an existing customer clicks the ‘Like” button on your page, they will receive your updates on their wall thus making it available to be seen by their friends as well.

This is such a big advantage to your business as it will make users aware of what you have to offer and perhaps will take an interest in purchasing your product.  

Reason #8: Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

In continuation, the aftermath of building strong relationships with your existing customers there is a term called ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing. What exactly is it you might wonder?

It is when Facebook users share pages and posts about certain products on their wall or stories. It also can be defined as promotion encouragement. 

For instance, if you go to a cool and aesthetically pleasing cafe or restaurant, naturally you will share posts about it on your social media. This is also applicable on Facebook, whereby when the ability to share your content easily will affect the visibility of your business page.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Single Grain

Reason #9: Engagement With Existing Customers

Facebook is where your audience spends most of their time so it is no surprise, they will do a whole lot of online shopping in time.  Hence, it is crucial for you to continue to maintain good relationships with respected parties. 

There are several ways to instil new methods to your Facebook marketing ideas and help keep your audience engaged but the one that is often used by business owners nowadays are live videos.

Strategically, it can be used to build regular, quality content that is presented to the consumer. For instance, business owners can go live to show the products that they are selling and even auction them at the same time.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source : Mohd Adnan Ibrahim on FB
Facebook Marketing Malaysia
 Source : Ayo Bundle on FB

These creative entrepreneurs took the initiative to be creative and keep up with the current trend which can benefit them. Whenever they go live, their followers would get a notification about their content thus pulling them to purchase their items.

The live video is then saved on their profile so it would be accessible to other users that were not able to join in earlier, whereby they continue to garner the interest of more people. 

Reason #10: Customer Support

With Facebook, customers are able to have direct one-to-one communication with you. Oftentimes, customers would scroll through your news feed to seek information about your business or in need of help. 

With this service provided by Facebook, they are able to post questions on your wall or message you directly and get a prompt reply to help solve their problems. 

The upside of this is it allows other users to read common questions asked without having to approach you personally. 

Reason #11: Fast Result

If you are someone who is always impatient in doing things, this is perfect for you. So, if you are looking for ways to cut corners in marketing your business, Facebook advertising is the best way.

The results are fast,  efficient and measurable. The numbers of your business page analysis say it all from the total of impressions, clicks and engagement you are receiving from Facebook users. You can reach up to a thousand people per day by advertising your business page effectively. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source : AdvertiseMint

If this information above does not convince you to invest on Facebook marketing, sheesh you’re really missing out here. 

On the other hand, are you still wondering the relevance of Facebook even though it is over a decade old?

Let me show how Facebook is still alive and kicking although sometimes it is full of weird people telling you that a girl can get pregnant in a swimming pool…… 

Reason #12: Creation

When it was first created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, its sole purpose was to communicate with other students he was studying with at Harvard. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: CareerForFreshers

From then onwards, it became the world’s most used social media network. 

One of the several reasons why it is favoured by lots of people is because the app itself is extremely user friendly, no wonder everyone no matter their age group has an account for themselves. 

Even though it started out as a tool to communicate and stay in touch with your loved ones, it is now swiftly used by many to manage their business online.

With Facebook, you can straightforwardly share posts, status and videos with the content of your liking daily while simultaneously keeping your private information from any unauthorized third party. 

Reason #13: Key Features

From a business perspective, it’s a multi-functional feature to navigate your business pages much easier such as analyzing your audience, market research and others.

Furthermore, Facebook’s adaptability to update their features is exceptional. For example, in 2017 they introduced Facebook Live, Facebook Shopping Tabs and the list goes on and on. 

Facebook Marketing Malaysia
Source: Oberlo


All in all, the constant evolving Facebook has its perk from a lot of aspects that can be beneficial to anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to invest in your online business with such ease now!

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