BakedKL (Exclusive Interview): A Place For All Homemade Goodness

by Natasha Husna

A brief chat with a successful business owner, Iza Sallehuddin on how BakedKL existed and how it developed.

Turn off your oven and hop on this ride as we bring you along the BakedKL journey in making gluten-free homemade goodness!

The Idea of BakedKL

Source: BakedKL’s website

It was quite random, to be honest, we were prepping for Eid and decided to bake my moms chocolate chip cookies. Served it to guests, and my mom’s friends started calling us up the next day asking how much are we selling them for.

That night itself, my sister and I started a facebook page and decided to start BakedKL. 

The Name of BakedKL

Source: BakeKL’s Instagram

We brainstormed a lot of names, from simple ones to fancy ones. Most of them were taken already either locally or internationally. In the end, we decided on the concept first and name it around that.

We wanted the branding to be simple, familiar, family-oriented so the name BakedKL just fits. Easy to remember, simple and reminds us of where home is and where it all started. 

Funding for BakedKL

Source: BakedKL’swebsite

I started the business with my sister and with any home-based business, we started with our own money pulling RM500 each. Everything from there on was organic. Over the years, we did seek out for grants but it was tough competition, and no one believed our vision or think we were sustainable.

So we just depended on our own source, may not be fast-growing but hey! We are still here!

The Target Market for BakedKL

Source: BakedKL’s website

In the beginning, it was really word of mouth. Social media was more used as making your business seen as a legitimate thing but it was not really used as the main tool for brand awareness. So word of mouth was really the push for us in the beginning.

We knew we wanted people to take us seriously so in 2013, we had a proper website made. That helped us a lot. We rely mostly on organic search, that is the most successful tactic so far and best for the long term. For several years, we did not put up any ads.

How BakedKL Generates Ideas

Source: BakedKL’s Instagram

There are a lot of inspirations, from other entrepreneurs, businesses, customers, youtube. So many channels but mostly we gage from our “almost customers“. By this, I mean a bulk of customers who come to us and ask for xxx, but we were not making them at that time. This is how we generate new ideas.

Why do these people come to us asking for this specific item? Were people not making them? Is it difficult? No choices? It this a market we can cater to and still be aligned with our other business products? 

Favourite Aspect of Being An Entrepreneur?

Source: BakeKL’s Instagram

Having the creative control of it all. I have worked before where I didn’t have the creative control of the business or where my ideas were not considered or talked through despite being in the marketing dept.

As time passed by, I really felt useless and demotivated. Having your own business gets your brain working 24/7, testing out your own ideas, others, seeing what works and what does not. It is a lot of work but it is always fresh and exciting

BakedKL ‘s Most Satisfying Moment

Source: BakedKL’s Instagram

Aside from positive feedback from customers, there are two main parts of the business I feel most satisfying. One is research and development.

It can be really disheartening at first to test and test until you get it right but once you do, it is rewarding!

And of course the baking for a cause aspect.

A portion of our sales goes to a different cause each year. It is not that much, but having that year-end goal to help these causes really gives you the push. To not only go out there and hustle for the business but to spread their causes too and their mission. We always try to be as educational as we can regarding issues of our beneficiaries to our customers. 

If You Had The Chance To Start Your Career Over Again, What Would it Be?

I would stick to my guns more, stand up for myself and my business. Take more risk as well from the start. I believe that would have changed a lot and probably grow bigger and sooner for us. But there is still time and never a deadline for more achievements. 

BakedKL’s Greatest Inspiration

Source: BakedKL’s Instagram

I always say my mom, which she still is. But there is a new source of inspiration this year, my daughter. I think at this day and age, it is a scary time to live in and I want to do my best to equip her with knowledge and skills that can push her towards being a better person. 

3 Things BakedKL Would Change in the World

Ooh! Human greed, envy and pride

So, that’s how BakedKL went through their business journey. BakedKL has taught us to face every challenge to achieve your dream! So never give up and live up your dream.

To know more about BakedKL, check out their website.

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