How To Sell Your Products On Online Shopping Websites in Malaysia (Shopee, Lazada, PG Mall, Lelong, Zalora)

by Ain Syuhada

Online Shopping Websites in Malaysia


Ever wonder how much people earn when selling their things on online shopping websites in Malaysia?

We see it all around, courier companies such as Poslaju and J&T have their couriers out and about everyday to send packages from online shopping websites.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Why Should You Sell Your Products On Online Shopping Websites Malaysia?

1. People spending lots of time using the Internet

In a survey, it is found out that Malaysians spend an average of  7.57 hours per day using the Internet.

This survey was conducted in 2019 where there is still no Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia at that time, so it is safe to say that people have spent and will spend more time on the Internet during this MCO period!

This means that people have more time to visit online shopping websites.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Source: Statista

2. Larger numbers of potential customers

When you are selling offline, you are limited to lots of factors such as operating hours, situations such as this pandemic and area.

With online shopping, you would not need to worry about most of these factors! It’s 2 AM? No problem! People can still add products that are sold online to cart on the site.

Afraid that your location is not strategic to start a business? Again, not an issue! People from all around Malaysia can search for your products anytime, anywhere with online shopping.

3. Scale-ability

E-commerce websites such as Lazada Malaysia and Shopee can help you analyze the pattern of products that you sell which have a high demand from customers.

This will surely benefit you in terms of preparing the number of stocks for every product and thus making more profit.
It will also allow you to enhance your marketing strategies if the amount of people visiting your websites is declining.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Scaling page for e-commerce websites

4. Low costs and energy

Owning a physical store means that more money needs to be spent on paying the store’s rental, salary of staff involved and setting up a good display of products.

Online shopping websites in Malaysia are making it easy for you. You are just a few steps away to set up your own online shopping stores. Be sure to check it out on this article!

Ohh and one more thing! Tired of explaining the basic details of your products to customers? Online shopping websites will save your energy by functioning as an information portal to your customers.

Things To Consider Before Selling Your Products On Online Shopping Websites

1. Price of products

Being online means that you will have plenty of competitions from other sellers. It is crucial for you to set a competitive price for your products while at the same time avoiding to under-price your products.

The cost of acquiring, holding and shipping products should be taken into account when it comes to determining the price. For example, the cost of wrapping your products and printing an invoice for customers.

It is important for you to be as competitive, so, do your competitive research before joining e-commerce websites.

2. Shipping fees

You need to decide how much the delivery fee is and which courier company to choose as your delivery partner. This is vital as there are some courier companies that have slow service and thus, might affect your ratings from customers

You can read our previous article on 10 recommended courier companies in Malaysia for E-commerce.

Good news is that some online shopping websites such as Shopee provide Free Shippings Programme where they collaborate with courier companies to provide free shipping for sellers.

Read here for more information on how to apply for the Shopee free shipping programme.

3. Merchant support and service

It is best to choose an online shopping website that is seller-friendly. You must ask yourself, which of these e-commerce websites that have simpler return policies and seller support service?

It is important to work closely with the seller support service to help you deal with your customers. If you work in a team, it is better to choose an e-commerce website that has the function for a team to work together. For example, Lazada allows you to create staff accounts instead of individual accounts.

4. Marketing strategies

“Ignoring digital marketing is like opening a business without telling anyone”

Before you start to sell your products on online shopping websites, take some time to think of how you will market it. Your products will obviously be there but how can you attract people to buy it?

There are marketing tools provided by the e-commerce website to boost your sale. For example:

1. Create a voucher for customers

This voucher needs to be purchased from the e-commerce websites and you can set the limit on how many people can redeem it.

2. Promote your products with discount

By using this marketing tools, you are able to hype your products by attracting more people to view your shop. Don’t worry as you can set the period of the promotion and limit the quantity of products that a buyer can buy with the discount code.

3. Joining flash sale

There are certain online shopping websites that do flash sales. This section of flash sales can attract many viewers to view your best products as they are all looking for discount items.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Marketing tools on Shopee

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Marketing tools on Lazada
Source: Lazada Malaysia

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in Malaysia (2020)

1. Shopee

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

It is safe to say that many Malaysians have heard of Shopee and have used it at least once. Being established in 2015, Shopee offers various categories of products such as fashion, beauty, home living, books and many more. 

Shopee seems to be more local products-friendly as you can find lots of local products for sale on the site. This is because Shopee allows anyone to be their seller with no registration fees, this basically means that people don’t even need to have their company to start off with.  

That is why it is not a surprise to see Shopee ranks number one in tops online shopping websites in Malaysia for 2020!

2. Lazada

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Ranking number 2 in Statista,  Lazada is one of the online shopping websites in Malaysia that help local sellers to market their products. During this pandemic of Covid 19, Lazada has launched a stimulus package for small to medium enterprises. (SME)

This package aims to  help an estimated 50,000 local SMEs via a series of customised benefits, especially those in the fresh food and groceries categories, new and existing e-commerce sellers, and brick-and-mortar retailers.

3. PG Mall

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

PG Mall is a homegrown online marketplace in Malaysia. This online shopping website is the third most visited online marketplace among other foreign-based online marketplaces in Malaysia.

It is well established with more than 6,000 merchants since its inception including Nestle, Mydin, Brands, Nivea, Eucerin, Abbott milk powder, HURIX’S Haoli, redOne, Okawa (Ogawa), BROZ Car Accessories, Yusof Taiyoob, Raiya, Thong Guan Trading, Cobizco, Skechers, MyKuali Penang, Passion Hairpin Trading Company, major brand furniture companies, smartphones, computers and electrical chain stores.

4. Lelong

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Like other e-commerce platforms, Lelong also gets their profits by charging a commission to the sellers every time a sale is created. 

Lelong is also another homegrown online marketplace providing a complete and affordable e-Commerce platform for buyers, showcasing them with a variety of products and services from more than 10,000 sellers.

Lelong provides free education classes, in 3 different languages – English, Malay and Mandarin. The class covers eCommerce tips and challenges, product photo-taking tips, product sourcing, shipping as well as providing real-life case studies as references.

5. Zalora

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Zalora is the leading name in online fashion shopping, carrying an ever-expanding line of local and international brands tailored for consumers in the region. 

It was founded in 2012 by Rocket Internet and it makes its presence in various SEA countries which include Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

There are over 50000 products covering every aspect of fashion, from skirts to suits, sneakers to slip-ons, sportswear to watches, and so much more.

Presently, we can see that Zalora has made more collaborations with local brands from Malaysia such as AfiqM, Bokitta, Rizalman and Syaiful Baharim.

6. Go Shop

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Who doesn’t know Go Shop? The one that you watch their products on their channel and automatically influenced by the promoter!

Go Shop is a multiple platform lifestyle shopping destinations that is revolutionising the local retail industry. They offer a wide range of products including digital and electronics, home and kitchen appliances, household, kitchenware, fitness, cosmetics, fashion accessories and other items. 

Go Shop includes products from trusted, premium brands both local and international, as well as international top-selling Korean products.

7. eBay

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

eBay is an online shopping site that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It’s also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. 

Malaysian consumers are increasingly able to perform online international shopping as the brands and products they love can be difficult to find in Malaysia. So, they’re willing to shop on foreign marketplaces.

As for Malaysian sellers on eBay, auto parts is the most leading category of sales that they export to consumers in the USA, AU AND UK in 2017.

8. Hermo

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Hearing the word “Hermo”, I’m sure that most girls in Malaysia will have that “ahh-so-excited-feelings”. 

Hermo is an online beauty shop that offers Korean beauty products and now expanding their selections to local products and also products from other countries.

The good news is that Hermo is welcoming beauty product suppliers or beauty companies to establish a brand store with them. You can check it out here

9. Qoo100

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Qoo10 is an online marketplace especially developed in women and fashion with a large portfolio of Korean products. It is operated by a joint venture with eBay following the acquisition of the South Korean site Gmarket, which rebranded to Qoo10 in 2012.

They first started this online shopping business in Malaysia during 2011. The things that are good for merchants are that they get a modern, optimized and traffic-heavy platform where they can sell their products to a targeted audience. 

Qoo10 takes care of the marketing and everything else. For example, they use Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), which allows them to capture all the search queries from Google. By doing this, they can obtain tons of hyper-targeted search traffic, which accounts for approximately 10% of sales in the platform.

10. Sephora

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

MAC Cosmetics? Urban Decay? Moschino? Huda Beauty? Just name it! Sephora is a premium cosmetics retailer that was founded in France in 1969.

In Malaysia, there are over 21 Sephora’s stores which are in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

As for their online shopping website, Sephora has turned customers’ online shopping experience into something easy, smooth and pleasant from beginning to end.

Ohh, most importantly, you are likely to find any kind of cosmetic products at Sephora with the best price in the market!

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Top 10 e-commerce websites in Malaysia (2020)
Source: Statista

Now that you know which online shopping websites in Malaysia that receive many visits from Malaysian. So, have you ever thought of how to sell your products on these top websites? Continue reading as we will guide you on the steps!

How To Sell Your Products On Top 5 Most Visited Online Shopping Websites in Malaysia

1. Shopee (Mobile version)

Step 1: Open Shopee app

In order to sell on shopee, you need to have a Shopee account. You can also use your existing personal account.

Open shopee App> Click Me

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 2: Click “start selling”

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 3: Click “Add Product”

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 4: Add photo

Choose to add your photo from your camera, taking new photos or photos from Instagram.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 5: Fill in details

Product name: Put the best name of your products with the best keyword that is the most searched by customers. (Minimum 20 characters)

Product description: Put as many basic details of your products as you can such as the function of your products and important notes for customers. (Minimum 20 characters)

Category: Set the category of your products such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, fashion accessories or many others.

Price: Set the price of your products.

Stock: Update the quantity of your products’ stock.

Variations: You can use this function if your product has many variations such as colour and size. You can also add images to every variation.

Weight: This is a compulsory section for you to set the weight of your products. Shipping fee will automatically be calculated when you set the weight.

Condition: New/Used

Wholesale: If you are selling wholesale, you can set the minimum and maximum order of your products with the wholesale price.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 6: Publish your products!

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

2. Lazada

Unlike Shopee, you cannot use your personal account as a buyer and seller account at the same time. 

If you already have a Lazada shopping (buyer) account, you still need to head over to Lazada Seller Center to sign up for the seller account.

Step 1: Go to Lazada Seller Centre

Click here.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 2: Click “Become a Seller”

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 3: Choose the type of seller you want to sign up as

Lazmall Seller: For brand owners or authorized brand distributors. Note: Lazmall seller needs to pay commission for every successful order from customers.

Local Seller: For local sellers that do not have their own products. Sellers do not need to pay commission.

LazGlobal Seller: For sellers that are based in China/Korea/Japan. Note: LazGlobal seller needs to pay commission for every successful order from customers.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 4: Fill in the details
To sign up as a seller, you are required to provide your mobile phone for verification. Then, fill in the rest of the details such as username and password.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 5: Fill in address book

There are warehouse addresses, business address and return address. If there are all the same addresses, tick for the same as the warehouse address. 

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 6: Upload your product

Click “Upload Your SKU”

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 7: Fill in products’ detail

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Detailed description:

For Short Description, you can insert text and multiple images to show additional information about your product. 

As for Long Description, you can enrich the content using Lorikeet to insert text and multiple images with drag and drop method. Without using Lorikeet, Lazada will consider your product as not attractive and unlist your product.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Using Lorikeet, there are built-in templates available that fit with your product.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 8: Publish!

Click “Publish” when you are satisfied with the description and layout of your shop. Done!

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

3. PG Mall

To be a PG Mall seller, there is no commitment fee. However, there is 5% of gateway payment fee for sellers.

Step 1: Go to PG Mall

Click here.

Step 2: Click “Sign Up”

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 3: Fill in details

Fill in your store’s name, your full name, email, phone number and password.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 4: Check Your Email

Upon successful registration, you will receive an email with your username and password to sign in.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 5: Start selling!

Log in into your account and start uploading your products!

4. Lelong

Unlike other online shopping websites in Malaysia, you need to pay a big amount of money to list your product on Lelong. It is not free. 

Step 1: Go to Lelong

Click here

Step 2: Choose a package

There are 3 packages to be chosen with the lowest price of RM398 per year to the most high price which is RM898 per year.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 3: Fill in details

Fill in the details of your personal information and the person in charge for finance and web operation’s details.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 4: Sign in for merchant account

Upon successful registration, you can now log in into your seller account. Click here

Step 5: Click “Sell Products”

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 6: Choose “For Sale / Buy Now” and click “Post Now” button

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 7: Fill in the details of product

You will need to fill in the details of your product such as the basic details, payment and shipping methods and uploading the image.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Online Shopping Websites Malaysia
Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 8: Publish!

Click “Save To My Draft” if you still want to edit the details later on or click  “Submit” to make your product live immediately.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

5. Zalora

Terms and condition to sell on Zalora:

  1. You must have registered business with all permits and registration forms at the signing of the contract must be of above 18 years.
  2.  You must at all times stay in line with your product range and pricing and to also be up to date with your products, stock count, prices, terms and conditions and any costs the buyer may incur.
  3. You must have the capability to meet customer orders within the stipulated order delivery policies.

Step 1: Go to Zalora

Click here.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Submit the filled form and wait for their strategic marketplace advisors to respond to you within 7 days.

Step 2: Setting your shopfront

Go to Lazada Seller Center>Log in into your seller account 

Once you are given the node to set up your shop, you will start by setting your shopfront. It is this point that gives the image of your shop. Create a nice logo and brand name and then upload.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 3: Upload your product

Upload your products with the best lighting to attract your customers and don’t forget to write a proper product description.  This will give the customers more understanding of your product.

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Step 4: Update your product’s price and stock

It’s time to match your products with appropriate prices and determine the quantity of it to avoid overselling. And now, you are done!

Online Shopping Websites Malaysia

Important Tips For Online Shopping Websites’ Seller

1. Maintain a good rating

A good rating is key to attract more new customers to your online shop. In order to get a good rating, you must always have the mindset to prioritize your customers.

Always being friendly to them by giving them the best assistance when in need. Being honest and shipping out the best quality of products also will help you a lot!

2. Invest in your business

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are marketing tools in every online shopping website that help sellers to boost their sales.

It means that you need to keep investing in the betterment of your products’ appearance, your online shopping website itself and its visibility to your targeted customers.

3. Build your assortments

This is one of the important ways to gain trust from your customers. If your online shops only have one item, people will doubt to purchase it as there is no guarantee that you are a serious seller.

Most customers will think that merchants with a smaller number of assortments are usually the ones that usually don’t do well.


In conclusion, the opportunities for doing online business are there. If you can’t afford to sell on online shopping websites with a fee, then start it with zero-fees e-commerce websites as listed above.

So, what are you waiting for? All the best!

If you wish to learn more about e-commerce websites, you can read here. However, if you are looking to grow your e-commerce business, we offer a variety of services that will definitely help your business! Contact us to learn more about how we could help your business grow.

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