Pigeon is a company originating from Japan and founded by Mr.Yuichi Nakata, whose vision was to provide quality, comfort,convenience, and affordability in one brand. They have expanded their business worldwide and Pigeon Malaysia is no stranger to the mother care industry.

It is no doubt that Pigeon has established their company and won multiple awards throughout their years in this industry. However, as technology evolves, so does their way of marketing.


  • Diving into e-commerce and being the top choice for Malaysian online users
  • Ranking high on Google Search’s Database for better recognition of their brand


Not Recognised in Google’s Database

As Pigeon Malaysia’s website was made in 2018, it did not have a strong recognition in Google Search’s Database. This is where we began building Pigeon Malaysia’s reputation within the database through link building, which allows for Google
Search’s Database to recognise the significance of Pigeon Malaysia and thus making it easier for customers to find Pigeon Malaysia online.

Website Not Navigable

Pigeon Malaysia’s website had contents that were not navigable for the users, hence the high bounce rate.We have optimised the website to be more navigable and thus, decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the
session rate.

Broken Links and Product Pages Unfound

By crawling through Pigeon Malaysia’s website, we were able to identify broken links and undetected web pages on Pigeon Malaysia’s website. This would then allow us to know which sites needed indexing and fixing.


To counter Pigeon Malaysia’s concerns, Sterrific took different actions and found different ways to optimise Pigeon Malaysia’s e-commerce initiatives.



Going into website’s backend controls to identify issues present within the website



Ensuring Pigeon Malaysia’s web pages are being recognised and ranked in Google’s Search Engine Database



Optimising Pigeon Malaysia’s content to make it more navigable and user friendly for customers


From 0 keywords, Pigeon Malaysia is now ranking 213 keywords on the first page but has actually garnered 824 organic keywords.

The Bounce Rate for Pigeon Malaysia’s website has decreased by almost 100% which shows how our website auditing initiatives have helped users navigate around the website much more easily and comfortably.


Notable Keywords Ranked

Keywords Previous Rank Current Rank
nipple care cream 21 1
wide neck teat 15 1
feeding bottle - 2
ppsu bottle 6 2
milk bottle 8 3
baby products malaysia 30 3
breast pump malaysia 26 3
breastfeeding pump 28 4
electric breast pump 19 6
nipple pads 28 7