About Unitrade

Syarikat Logam Unitrade Sdn Bhd officially began its journey in the year 1979 and marks its 43 years as of 2022. They’ve gained a strong presence in the trading & distribution of plumbing and engineering hardware, building materials, imports and exports of various different parts needed for construction purposes After many years of putting focus and high priority on B2B and offline marketing, Unitrade took on the Digital Marketing initiatives to further expand their customer base in this evolving world of technology.

Making A Strong Digital Presence in a Highly Competitive Industry


Unitrade business has a very high demand compared with the industry standards, as the digital world has a high value of interest in construction building materials. However, Unitrade has yet to establish their online presence before this.


WEBSITE AUDIT : Going into the website’s backend controls to identify issues present within the website. This was optimized using Google Search Console as well as other indexing means.
ON-PAGE SEO OPTIMISATION : Assisting Unitrade in their content optimizations’ to make it more navigable and SEO-friendly.
LINK BUILDING : Ensuring Unitrade’s web pages are being recognized and ranked in Google’s Search Engine Database.
COMPETITORS ANALYSIS : Gain insights on industry’s competitive landscape online and evaluating SEO competition.


Group 1

Increases in Organic Discovery in Google

SEO strategy from ranking will help create a higher percentage of visibility that may provide a higher chance for discovery and conversions.

Group 2

Improves Credibility & Trust from Organic Search

When an eCommerce page provides high-quality content, users who come across the relevant keywords searched will trust the search engine rank authority, which will build credibility among visitors.

Group 3

Optimizes User Experience

Users are able to complete the customer’s journey seamlessly through easier page discovery and experiences.


Organic Keywords

Algorithm rank additional keywords from the content relevancy.


Average daily traffic
increased within a year

Organic Traffic

Visitors that landed on your page from google search/unpaid source.


Organic Keywords ranked on
top 3 within a year

Strategic Solution

Focus on User Direction


Keep it Simple : Remain simple for users to easily identify and search the products they are seeking.
Structural Sitemap : Guide google algorithm to easily understand, search, and identify webpage to improve ranking and performance efficiently.


A clear structure of the website with several levels of hierarchy from home to product page will help the website to rank higher.
A proper structure can easily expose duplicated or irrelevant webpage for audit.
While structure helps the user experience, they can easily find the relevant content on a website that was created. To ensure that the content is optimized with the keywords focused on the content information and relevancy for google to up-rank the webpages.


Group 311

Ecommerce SEO Optimization

Simple and direct experience for users to easily search and identify the products from either organic search or page search.

Group 322

Competitive Industry Benchmarking

Identify competitor’s keywords ranking strategy to determine a solution to optimize targeted keywords performance.

Group 333

Links Relevancy & Boosting

Manage the website linking in retaining content relevancy under google algorithm radar to achieve high keyword performance.