About the Project

BIG POS is a complete point-of-sale (POS) solution company.

Their main products enable businesses to run smoothly with specialized all rounded solutions and apps such as inventory apps, analytics apps, and waiter apps. These are the latest point-of-sale apps to help manage inventory, view analytical data, take orders, and more.

BIG POS provides solutions for industry-specific businesses – from food trucks to retail and services POS systems in Malaysia. For F&B businesses, the restaurant POS system in Malaysia is an essential tool for your daily operations which also includes a QR menu ordering system and restaurant mobile payment system.

No matter if you are a local coffee shop, pub, bakery, or food-chain restaurant,BIG POS software also extends to salons, accessory shops, furniture shops,pharmacies, bookstores, and many other establishments.

As a new website, BIG POS sought after Sterrific’s SEO solution to produce long-lasting results in sustaining their business for many years to come.


For a newborn website, there are plenty of elements that come into play when establishing a successful online presence. From web development to UI/UX and search engine visibility, BIG POS was looking for a specialist that can get them started on the right foot.


  • Extensive keyword research to identify valuable phrases that are most relevant in the industry.
  • Conduct a full SEO & website audit.
  • Inspecting and optimising meta tags with relevant keywords of all main pages.
  • Producing optimised content for improved rankability on search engines.
  • Structured data markups that enables search engine crawlers to understand web pages.

How We Work

Competitor’s Analysis

Gain insights on competitor’s keyword
and content strategy to identify the
strengths and weaknesses of their SEO

Fool-proof Craft

Establish a solid SEO backbone with
strategic keyword and content
placement that resonates with Google

Frequent Audits

Resolve foundational issues affecting
organic search performance and
improve online presence

Measurable Data

Create an implementation plan that will
have measurable results at the end of
the SEO campaign

The Results

Campaign Achievement

Primary keyword: POS System Malaysia
Comparison date: 1 Apr – 30 Jun 2022  vs. 1 Jul – 30 Sep 2022

Source: Google Search Console Performance

Fig.1: Daily click-through rate (CTR) in the first 6 months of campaign

Fig.2: Daily ranking in Google search results

Campaign highlights:
Before the start of the campaign, BIG POS was not ranking for “POS System Malaysia”. In just 2 months of SEO efforts by Sterrific, we have successfully ranked BIG POS on the first page for “POS System Malaysia”.

Along side the boost in ranking, we have also optimised the SERP preview and on-page content to drive click-through rates, achieving a maximum CTR of 22.9% by the 5th month of the campaign.

The Results

Campaign Achievement

Top 3 Queries (Last 12 Months)

Search Query Clicks from Search Results
bigpos / big pos 1,649
pos system / pos system malaysia 1.269
cloud pos system malaysia 144

Organic Traffic Growth Chart (April – December 2022)

Fig.3: Monthly Organic Users

In 6 months of SEO, Sterrific has successfully increased BIG POS organic traffic by 10.4x.

Fig.4: Monthly Organic Pageviews

In 6 months of SEO, Sterrific has successfully increased BIG POS organic pageviews by 7.7x.


Fig.5: Acquisition & Behaviour of Top 3 Sources

Acquisition & Behaviour:
Based on the table above, organic traffic brings in 95% of new users as they search up keywords BIG POS has ranked for. The organic bounce rate is also lowest among the top 3 traffic sources, as they browse an average of more than 2 pages per visit. Organic traffic users also stay on the website for a longer time. This indicates that BIG POS is successfully reaching out to audience with the right intention.

Fig.6: Top 3 Landing Pages

Landing Page Behaviour Flow:
Based on the behaviour flow from Google Analytics, the top 2 interactions from the homepage leads to ‘pricing’ page and ‘contact’ page. This indicates a consideration in using BIG POS solutions or BIG POS free trial. Users have also expressed an interest in obtaining a POS system for restaurants, indicating a strong market in the F&B industry.

An upward trend of the search for ‘POS system’ in Malaysia has been observed. As BIG POS continues to rank on first page, a continuous growth in organic traffic is projected.

First Page Keywords

No Keywords Rank
1 free trial pos system malaysia 1
2 free trial pos system malaysia 1
3 inventory pos system malaysia 1
4 retail and service pos system malaysia 1
5 cloud pos system malaysia 1
6 pos system cloud 2
7 pos system malaysia 2
8 e commerce pos system malaysia 2
9 cloud pos 3
9 cloud pos 3
10 point of sales system malaysia 3
11 small business pos system malaysia 3
12 point of sale systems malaysia 4
13 cloud pos system 4
14 cpos software 4
15 online pos system 5
16 point of sales malaysia 5
17 pos system in malaysia 5
18 pos in cloud 5
19 malaysia pos system 6
20 mobile pos system malaysia 6
21 pos software malaysia 6
22 pos hardrware 7
23 hardware pos system 7
24 pos system for restaurants 7
25 f&b pos system malaysia 8
26 pos system price 8
27 pos system for sale 8
28 pos system 8