Top 4 Successful Young Entrepreneurs Under 30 To Find Inspiration From

by Michelle Anne Kam

Top 4 Successful Young Entrepreneurs Under 30

Many people dream of pursuing our passion and interests, but not necessarily take any action to actually pursue them. Starting a business from scratch is never easy, however, it’s not impossible!

There are so many business opportunities to consider, especially online. Take these 4 young entrepreneurs as an example – they managed to chase their dreams and goals while being under 30. We get into the detail of each of these entrepreneurs and their business.

1. Jin Xi Cheong, 26, CEO & Founder of Poladrone

Get to know Jin Xi Cheong

Being a drone enthusiast since he was 14, it’s not a surprise that Jin Xi Cheong, founder and CEO of Poladrone came up with a plan that changed the game of the agriculture industry.

Holding a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Monash University, together with the knowledge gained, Jin Xi Cheong came back to Malaysia with the aim of exploring more options.

He isn’t the type to just sit around in the office, he wanted something more. He grew up in an oil plantation farm, which brought to the birth of Poladrone. With his idea of using a drone to scan through 100 acres of land, it saves time from hours to a mere 20 minutes.  

Background Story of Poladrone

The team at Poladrone, who are aerospace and data engineers, noticed that drones were only used for hobby activities such as racing and photography.

Seeing more potential in what drones can bring to various industries, that’s when Poladrone was formed.

The idea of Poladrone was basically to use drones and solve problems with new methods, improving efficiency in areas of agriculture and surveillance industries.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about Poladrone:

How Poladrone Impacts The Industry Today

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia
Source: Poladrone Official Website

Today, Poladrone is widely used in agriculture especially in oil palm plantations.

Using a drone makes the job of a farm owner to scan his entire plantation farm much easier. Instead of driving around the farm, when you’re using a drone, the owners get a bird’s eye view of the overall farm.

The Future of Poladrone

Poladrone continues to strive in the oil palm plantation industry with new methods and solutions that increase efficiency and produce faster results. Currently, Poladrone is working with 10 clients and three private plantations.

In the future, other than oil palms, Poladrone plans to widen their scope by developing more algorithms to analyze images such as plants.

2. Yen Ray Ng, 24, CEO of Modern Vision

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia
Source: Yen Ray’s Instagram

Get to Know Yen Ray

During his university days, Yen Ray Ng built his own company, Modern Vision, together with his other two friends. Yen Ray studied a degree in Finance at The Ohio State University.

After the success of Modern Vision, it inspired Yen Ray to begin his journey on being a Motivational Speaker for New Entrepreneurs. Yen Ray wishes to motivate, inspire and help new entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Being the Merchandise Purchasing Officer, Ray has helped to grow Modern Vision by ensuring the quality and cost of the products are in par.

Background story of Modern Vision

Modern Vision initially started off with just t-shirts. These t-shirts were promoted among college students, and slowly drew the attention of many other fitness enthusiasts.

Through reaching out to various influencers and forming a team of ambassadors, the brand managed to increase their awareness and grow their fanbase.

Their motto #DareToTry showcases their motivation in striving forward and to continue progressing.

How Modern Vision Impacts The Industry

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia
Source: Modern Vision Official Facebook

Within 6 months since its founding, Yen Ray and his team led Modern Vision to become the Official Apparel for many fitness events such as powerlifting and CrossFit events.

One of the notable events that they were the official apparel for is The Hopper Warrior 2017, the biggest CrossFit event. Other than that, another notable event would be the Kluang Mall Max Rep Freestyle 2019, an event for callisthenics enthusiasts.

The Future of Modern Vision

Modern Vision aims to be the leading local sports apparel with its high-quality premium made clothing. Modern Vision has grown tremendously while also expanding its apparel line.

In the near future, Modern Vision plans to venture into other apparels as well.

3. Chris Khristie, 28, and Michelle Tan, 27, INFLUASIA

Get to Know Chris Khristie and Michelle Tan

It all started with a random conversation at the mamak. Both of them were just talking about topics in Malaysia and they decided to start a platform for Malaysians.

During Michelle’s university days, she even juggled between her degree as well as slowly building World Of Buzz by writing content whenever she’s not studying.

Chris, on the other hand, had a full-time job. Both of them had to put in a lot of hours, 7 days a week just to kick start World of Buzz.

Background Story of World of Buzz

Hard work and dedication was poured into making World Of Buzz to become Malaysia’s #1 news entertainment site of all things viral.

When they first started, they had zero funding. They didn’t have a team, so everything was done by themselves. They had the aim of curating content catered to Malaysians, especially young adults.

How World of Buzz Impacts The Industry Today

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia
Source: WOBB

World of Buzz has over 6 million views a month with numbers that continue to grow every day.

WOB is the place for all things viral and entertainment, constantly keeping readers engaged. They even managed to collaborate with a few brands and companies such as Air Asia and Maxis by creating fun, creative content for them.

The Future of World of Buzz

After the success of World of Buzz, Chris and Michelle created INFLUASIA, a media company consisting of World of Buzz, Lobak Merah and NOODOU.

Aside from Malaysian readers, they get a lot of Malay and Chinese readers as well, the readers that aren’t so fluent in English. To cater to these readers, Lobak Merah and NOODOU came about, specifically to Malay and Chinese readers respectively.

4. Kendrick Wong, 27, CEO & Founder of Shoppr

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia
Source: Forbes

Get to Know Kendrick Wong

Before coming back to Malaysia, Kendrick planned on pursuing the two businesses that he recently started in the United Kingdom.

However, it all changed when he helped an investor to plan a back-end architecture for a startup. With parents that are also entrepreneurs, it’s only natural for Kendrick to follow their footsteps to being part of the young entrepreneurs.

Background Story of Shoppr

After the angel investor gave Kendrick a cheque, he pulled in Yin, the co-founder of Shoppr to start a founding team.

Shoppr came about when everyone realized that we had to download so many apps for online shopping. With just Shoppr, you can buy clothes and other items from almost any brand such as Factorie, Dorothy Perkins, to name a few.

How Shoppr Impacts the Industry

To date, Shoppr has collaborated with many influencers to gain more viewership. The app has over 200 retailers as well as e-tailers and blog shops in Southeast Asia.

To keep in touch with the latest trends in the fashion industry, there’s a section with a few famous fashion influencers for users to get fashion style ideas and so on.

The Future of Shoppr

Shoppr aims to be the leading online fashion and shopping app in Southeast Asia. In order for them to grow, funding is required, which they are currently trying to raise.

Creating a community is its main focus as well. Shoppr hopes to continue building a community between trendsetters and users.

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.”
– Suzy Kassem.


Although it may seem like these young entrepreneurs managed to achieve success without any problems, it’s not always a smooth sailing process.

There were several hurdles and challenges each of them had to face, but what’s important is their drive and determination in order to achieve their goal.

As long as you believe in yourself, anything is achievable. Every idea can make an impact on the world today.

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