W_Are_House (Exclusive Interview): The Story of A Rustic Event Space in Klang Valley

by Fhriskey Matin

Upon entering, there was no signboard so we entered the place through the back door.

The reason for having no signboard and entering from the back of the building is because W_Are_House is an event space that specializes in surprise element events.

So here is the Q&A between us and W_Are_House!

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W_Are_House Who?

According to Adam, the current W_Are_House owner, the event space was started by his friend and his girlfriend back in 2015. At that time, the event space was rented by the couple with the purpose of entertaining their friends only.

This space was created just to have fun because the couple itself rented this space for them and their friends to have a place to hangout. “That was the original idea of the space”, said Adam to us.

They eventually started the event space business because of their friend’s suggestions which began with a small event like a gathering or reunion.

“The business is just for a small gathering and small reunions because they always do it every weekend, where they gather in the place to have a drink or karaoke.”

However, they decided to turn the space into an event space which catered to more than 80/pax per-event after customers were asking if they could have an anniversary party and so on.

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Why is W_Are_House an exciting place to hold an event?

W_Are_House is the only event space that specializes in having a surprise element as part of their venue in Subang Jaya and Klang Valley as well.

What kind of event has been held in W_Are_House?

According to Adam, W_Are_House has done many different types of events ranging from business to party events.

“We had hundreds of events ranging from a baby shower, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and corporate meetings.”

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How long does it take to prepare all the decorations in W_Are_House?

“It depends on the events. For full theme parties, it will take less than a day.”

“Usually, I will ask a few part-timers to come and help set up the decorations,” Adam explains to us regarding the decorations of the event space.

How do you generate ideas for every event that you have done?

“I get the ideas and inspirations from Pinterest and also based on what the customers wanted.”

“Sometimes, my customers and I will combine our ideas, and from that point, I will work to make the ideas became a reality.”

Adam added that the decorations of the event are based on what the customers are willing to pay.

“They get based on what they paid for.”

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The challenge of operating the W_Are_House?

The biggest challenge that he faced is the slow months when during that time W_Are_House will not receive a lot of reservations and for Adam himself, he will not be able to meet a lot of people which is for him it is quite unusual.

“The biggest challenge I have faced is maybe during the slow months because of the economic environment we face now.”

“Last year was very smooth and this year is a bit slow, so that is one of the challenges because I am used to being very busy.”

How do you promote W_Are_House?

Adam promoted the business mainly on Facebook and Instagram once or twice a week since last year.

However, he is yet to find the best method to market the business.

“I have yet to discover which one works the best for the business between Facebook and Instagram because sometimes if I post on Facebook, I will get quite numbers of traffic, and sometimes I post on Instagram I will get the same result. Sometimes both also is very slow.” He explained to us.

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The Future Plans for W_Are_House

“My main target is to have big space catered for wedding events for maximum 1000 guest,” said Adam to us during the interview.

Motivation running the W_Are_House?

According to Adam, his motivation to keep going with the business is because he wanted to succeed in the event space business especially in the field of rustic event space.

“What motivates me is being someone that is much more successful than what we have achieved.”

“I want to be successful and have multiple backlinks across Malaysia or Singapore.”

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Advice to Young Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start an Event Space Business

“They have to be strong in many ways, in terms of mentally and physically. Be patient on what they want, and they have to work hard to achieve the goal they have set.

“One more thing is to have a work-life balance because last year when I started this business and I was pushing it by myself, and I never had any part-timers.”

Service, Packages, and Pricing provided by W_Are_House

“Our initial mission is to provide a space that people can come and leave without breaking their bank account. We want to provide a space that everyone can afford to come and party.” – Adam Scott, owner of W_Are_House


Weekend: RM800-RM1000 (based on economic environment)

Weekdays: RM600-RM800 (based on economic environment)

“The charge for the menu is different, and the price is based per person. For fusion, the menu is RM41 per-pax, but it is a lot of food, around 10 to 11 items on the menu,” said Adam.


  • Event space
  • Desserts
  • Chalk Wall Art
  • Personalized Balloons
  • Buffet Catering Services
  • Customized Dessert Table
  • Magician/Event Entertainer
  • Professional Photography Services
  • Photobooth Services
  • In-House Games
W_Are_House USJ


At the moment, W_Are_House is managed by Adam with the help of his girlfriend and a few part-time staff.

If you are interested in renting W_Are_House for your future events, party or wedding, make sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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