South Swing (Exclusive Interview): Lifestyle Content Community for the Youth in Malaysia

by Lissa Fariha
South Swing

What Sparked the Idea

I wanted to create a media platform for the youth aged 15-25. At the same time, I love graphic designs and arts. Which is why I decided to do a media company called South Swing. We create content for the youth – we write articles, manage social media and do content anything related to the youth. From current issues to small things like how to write a resume for your first job and what’s the dos and don’t in adulting.

South Swing

How Did the Name of South Swing Came About!

“South Swing”… it was so random. I created the name with my sister cause we live in South East Asia and was just ready to swing anything that hit us!

South Swing

Raise Funding of the Venture!

I saved up my salary money and started doing graphic design business to support the media company. So basically it was my own money. I did not ask for anyone’s help cause I wanna work my way up with my own sweat, blood and tears. 

South Swing

The Secret of the Successful South Swing…

90% of my marketing is based on Instagram and my website. I believe Instagram is a powerful marketing tool. Usually, organic posts or UGC are the most saved and shared in Instagram so I would make use fully of that. 

How South Swing Generates New Ideas!

When I travel, meet new people, movie and shows are where I get most of my ideas. Basically daily life things. Sometimes I get stuck on generating new ideas but travelling really inspires me to do more things for South Swing for our youth.

South Swing

Favourite Part of Becoming an Entrepreneur

I can manage my own time and MONEY! If it’s a lost, it’s still my money. I prefer to work on my pace and time. Which is why I love being an entrepreneur.

South Swing

Things that South Swing are Grateful for in Running the Business

When my campaign is a successful one or my merchandise sold out. And also when people talk about South Swing whether on social media or word of mouth. It is satisfying that I would celebrate the little things that I accomplished.

South Swing

If given a chance to rebuild everything, what would South Swing do differently?

I would definitely do it properly and find some investors or funds to help me sustain South Swing. A mentor or any guidance would be great when I started South Swing but I was really on my own. I was still trying this and that when first started South Swing, it was all over the place and now I got the hang of it already. I don’t have any creative or art background which was one of the things I wish I can start over again. 

South Swing

Greatest Inspiration!

As cringy as it sounds – me, myself and I. Most of the ideas are coming from my own experiences. I’m just living a normal life which I think everyone else could relate to it. 

South Swing

3 Things That South Swing Wished They Could Change!

First and foremost, I would change how people think about careers. I want people to do work that they love and enjoy it. These days people are stress over the work that they don’t actually enjoy. And I hope people are passionate about whatever they do – from teachers to a CEO.

Secondly, our education system. I think every child deserve a good and free education. And to be stressed over grades is not a good thing. We need education to learn but not to compete with each other to be the best. We learned just to pass the exam which is bad.

Lastly would be global warming. If everyone is not greedy and willing to help to save the environment, I don’t think we have any issue on global warming. Of course, there will still be pollution and what not but it will be lesser.

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