Pott Glasses (Exclusive Interview): Creating Vision with Style

by Hazeerah Uzari

Cool and ‘hippie’ looking glasses have unknowingly become the trend these days.

Have you ever sit in a corner, thinking you wanted to have your own pair too? Well, if you are looking for one, don’t hesitate any more.

Abracadabra! You have come to the right place. 😉

Here at Sterrific, we managed to have a brief chat with a successful business owner of Pott Glasses on how this business existed and gradually developed!

Let’s get on this ride as we bring you along Pott Glasses’ journey in creating a vision with a style!

The Idea of Pott Glasses

It’s a combination of two ideas that compliment each other.

I got back from Europe backpacking trip and I found that Europeans view glasses differently from Asians. To them, glasses are part of the fashion accessories that compliment their overall image.

I found that even professionals like lawyers and bankers do not restrict the glasses to the normal black rectangular frame. Instead, I saw a lot of them wear unique design and colourful frames. To them, glasses speak personality.

So, I thought why don’t Asian view glasses the same way?

Then, I realised that there was a lack of unique design frames and also, not many shops give advice on selecting frames.

My co-founder, Eden who is an optician and has been in the optical industry for 5 years prior to starting Pott Glasses has worked in different retail outlets. To him, personalisation is the vital part of prescribing glasses but not many shops are doing this.

Two of us share the same vision of providing Asian fit glasses that compliment wearers look with personalised service in optical styling and detailed eye check.

That is how we started Pott Glasses.

The Story Behind the Name, Pott Glasses

To reestablish the image of glasses wearer as one who is smart, intelligent, a geek in a good way, none other better fictional character fit this image better than Harry Potter.

An interesting fact is that we wanted to use Harry Glasses but the domain was taken and so we chose with Potter.

Somehow, Pott sounds nicer and less direct, so it sparked conversation with customers!

Pott Glasses in Their Own Words

We are optical stylists who care about your image with glasses and also, certified eye care practitioner who prescribe glasses based on individual lifestyle. 

The Target Market for Pott Glasses

Generally, young working adults are our target market. After all, they care about their image a lot.

To our surprise, we have quite a lot of elderly customers thanks to our detailed eye test and professional service that solve their presbyopia problem (difficulty in reading the small word).

The Various Ways to Market Pott Glasses

Social media has always been the best tool.

We do not do much of sales ads but rather style guide and information about eyes.

We always want to provide value to our social media followers.

Funding for Pott Glasses

We bootstrap along the way.

The Most Satisfying Moment in The Business

It is when customers appreciate our service by giving us a good review and spread the words.

Interestingly, after our young adult customers bought from us, they bring their families over and before we know it, we have become their reliable optical shop.

Future Goals for Pott Glasses

The goal is always to be a reliable optical shop to the community.

We hope that we are able to strengthen our position as the optical stylist in the market.

Challenges Faced by Pott Glasses Since It Was First Established

Unlike F&B where you can capture the crowd immediately, we take time to be noticed by people and even longer time to make them purchase.

So in terms of cash flow, we need to manage it well and spend it wisely.

What Do You Want People to Know About Pott Glasses?

There are two things about glasses that we emphasize on, i.e. The overall image and the comfort of wearing glasses.

So, we hope people will know us as the optical stylists who are able to make them look good by choosing the right design and also, assure them the comfort of the glasses through detailed eye test and proper lens selection.

After all, the ultimate function of glasses is to correct vision and protect the eyes.

It’s More Than Just a Pair of Glasses!

So, that’s how Pott Glasses went through their business journey. From this, we immediately know that they not only care about correcting our vision and protect the eyes but also make us look good with it! And, yes, they’re very comfortable too.

‘Someone said I looked better without glasses’. You might never hear that sentence coming out from anybody’s mouth now, with a pair of your own Pott Glasses 😉

Head over to their website to know more about them, and probably add a little something into your cart.

That’s it for now! Have a spectacular day, you geeks.

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