KotakuDesign (Exclusive Interview): Malaysia Unique Printed Products

by Lissa Fariha

The Starting of KOTAKU…

We like to explore KL during weekends or our free time and capture images of interesting buildings and patterns in KL as it fascinated us on how unique and eclectic it is.  

One day we had the idea of translating those patterns into motifs and we worked on it right away. We then thought of how to present the graphics and were drawn to lifestyle products, things we use every day.


What’s The Meaning of “KOTAKU”?

“Kotaku” simply means my city in Bahasa so we wanted something catchy and memorable to reflect our brand name.


Raise Funding Short Story!

We self-funded from our savings and wanted to start off small and build our way through.


“Great Marketing Strategy”

We market our business mostly through various social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as participating in bazaars.

So far word of mouth has also helped us in a big way!


How to Generate Great Ideas for KOTAKU Products?

We get inspiration from the things we see in our city. Rhythms and patterns around the city, things we overlook if you are driving around town.

There are so many ideas and things yet to discover and walking and taking our time exploring the city helps a lot.


Favourite Aspect as an Entrepreneur

The best part is having control of your own design, direction and meeting people who start off small like us and love what they are doing.


Happiest Moment for KOTAKU Throughout The Whole Journey

The most satisfying thing is having people come up to us in bazaars or contacting us saying how they like what we are doing and it creates awareness to people that there is so much to love about our city.


Things They Would Do Differently If They Had The Chance

We wish we had the courage to do it earlier


Who has been the biggest inspiration to KOTAKU?

We don’t have one specific person that has inspired us but generally our family, friends and people who “just do it” and don’t give up easily inspire us. 



  1. A world in which cities are more livable and more conscious towards the communities they provide for and closer to home, our cities to value and conserve heritage buildings.
  2. More integration between the cities and our environment, our green lung.
  3. A world where the well being of the people is the measure of success of a nation rather than it’s Gross Domestic Products(GDP).

Lastly! Looking for an exotic and yet pretty pillowcase, KL city map and more cool stuff?

You can get them from this cool shop called @kotakudesign on Instagram or directly go to their website here!

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