Harmini Asokumar (Exclusive Interview): The Goddess Of Arts & Crafts

by Izzati Haron

An Exclusive Interview with Harmini Asokumar

With a deep passion in arts and crafts making, the young artrepreneur made her way to create magic with her own bare hands. Harmini Asokumar, the ever lively wanderlust who is also the founder of Deeper Than Fashion, decides to turn her hobby into a dream job.

Hop on to this ride as we bring you along her entrepreneurship journey in painting her own remarks to handicrafts world like no other. 

1. The Prologue

Harmini prefers to be known as an artrepreneur who creates wearable art. She studied fashion design, which didn’t contribute much to her current job-scope.

Let’s be real, clothing and jewelry making are two different worlds apart, but she proves nothing is impossible in this world!

She loves traveling as much as she loves learning new forms of art

2. Deeper Than Fashion: How It All Started

Interestingly, Deeper Than Fashion was actually a brainchild that was born when she wanted to make money for a concert & her parents said she had to figure out how to pay on her own. 

Prior to that, she has always been someone who enjoyed making crafts and used to give them out to her friends as gifts.

She then decided to start selling her work and the rest is history.

3. Treasures in Deeper Than Fashion

With an abundance of gems coming from her creation, Harmini recently infused some of her paintings into jewelry pieces and keeps trying different styles from there.

This imaginative artist has been selling dazzling bracelets, dream catchers and earrings through her brand. So, expect more to come from her as her creativity is endless, just like the sea of stars in the night sky. 

4. Favourite Artwork?

Being the maker of her own masterpieces, she clearly stated that she doesn’t have a favourite.

She is a perfectionist who constantly feels like she can do better, thus, upgrading herself on a daily basis.

Harmini has gotten into abstract art lately which is currently her favourite genre of art.  

5. The Authenticity in Her Crafts 

Every good brand must have its own distinct quality which distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors.

Same goes to Deeper Than Fashion. It’s different because the ingenious artist claims that she genuinely doesn’t have a prior plan before creating her work. 

She works in a flow and just lets the inspirations hit her.

More often than not, even she, herself, is surprised with the results of her own work.

She also loves incorporating Indian elements to her design to give it a more ethnic flair

6. Roller Coaster Ride Along the Journey

Harmini Asokumar

Like most handmade businesses, there’s constantly ups and downs along the way. The biggest challenge she faced so far, was when people replicated her work style and selling them at lower price points

However, the adamant artist uses that as a motivation for her to create more art styles and constantly ups her game. 

“That’s the thing about being creative; there’s an endless source of it. Someone can only steal the designs but they can’t steal the creativity, years of practise to create precision and perfecting each piece.” 

7. Travel and Arts

Being the wanderlust she is, Harmini travels as much as she possibly can within her means.

She claims that travel in general is good for the soul as it helps you to expand your horizons and absorb new cultures, ideas and such. 

The photogenic artist also claims how traveling is one of the sources for inspiration as it also helps her to unwind and relax.

She’s usually on work mode 24/7, thus, a change of pace to give her mind a break definitely does her some good. 

8. Improvement for the Future

Harmini Asokumar

As for the future, the ever-innovative artrepreneur wishes to keep learning and creating.

She mentioned how she loves each piece she creates, and how they’re one of a kind and decides to continue carry on.

Nothing beats her fondness of having unique and exclusive pieces in her collection. 

9. More Sprinkles of Fairy Dusts 

Other than the gorgeous handicrafts, Harmini also sells her paintings and does small scale party decor.

She likes to try her hands at different creative things because it gives her a broader scope to learn. 

10. A Word to The Wise

Dear Young Entrepreneurs,

Be ready to give up a lot of time to focus on creating your brand and hard work goes a long way. Make sure you have plan B until Z in case A falls through. It’s a constant process of learning and growing but if it’s what you truly want for yourself, it’ll be worth it.– Harmini Asokumar.

Harmini Asokumar

More Info

Do check out Harmini Asokumar’s blog, Instagram and Facebook page to know more about her and to get the latest updates from the artist herself!

If you wish to see her precious handmade artworks, you can drop by the Deeper Than Fashion’s Instagram and Facebook accounts too! And prepare yourself to be amazed!

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