Carsome (Exclusive Interview): An Online Service To Get The Best Price For Your Car

by Aiman

At one point of our lives, we have to let go of our car. But it is rather difficult to properly determine the vehicles, worth.

You have to consider the factors, such as the age of the car, the brand, the model, any problems etc.

But with Carsome, they do it for you under 24 hours!

What’s The Big Deal?

According to Carsome’s website, transparency in the market or the lack thereof, is an issue when it comes to selling your car.

You also have to move from one place to another when you go for inspections and comparisons. Plus, the dreaded paperwork that follows… 

But with Carsome, you can throw those inconveniences out of the window!

How It Works!

Here’s how it works.

Go ahead to their website, and find your car in their search bar.

Then, you place your name, email and phone number so they can contact you. Once you have done that, congratulations, you have just booked your inspection!

After this, you can attend the 30 minute free inspection where your car will be evaluated.

Your car will then be placed on bid after a price is determined. The car can be seen throughout Malaysia and anyone in the country can bid for it.

Once your car has been bought, the transfer-ship and payment between you and the new owner takes just one hour! 

The entire process is hassle free with no sneaky charges or hidden fees.

The Catch?


Carsome is dedicated to ensuring that the entire process is transparent and convenient! So the next time you are looking to sell or buy a vehicle, keep Carsome in mind!

What Documents are Required?

If you are a private seller and want to sell your vehicle through Carsome, here’s what you need:

  • Your IC.
  • The Original Registration Card
  • If your car has been reconditioned, you’ll need an Approved Permit.
  • Purchase Invoice for cars purchased bu cash.
  • Outstanding hire purchase loan, if any.

But, if you are a private seller, intending to sell to private buyers, you’ll need:

  • ICs from both parties.
  • The Original Registration Card
  • A B5 Inspection Report
  • JPJ K3 form.

An Exclusive Interview!

Here at Sterrific, we reached out to Carsome and managed to get an interview! We asked them questions to find out more about the company and here is what they had to say!

An Idea

It started with a simple idea to solve the pain points of selling a car (think tedious processes, misleading photos or information) to how we can solve that.

Now we currently operate 10 branches and are looking forward to 4 more opening in the next month!

How many inspections do you expect to do in one day?

On an average we can do up to 80 inspections a day, varying from the size of our centers.

Since it’s a car selling service, we’d probably see our customer return in minimum 5-years time.

What are Carsome’s go-to marketing strategies?

We always have an ongoing digital campaign, but at how fast we expand we need to be agile and flexible with our strategies.

Always hyper-localise our content to cater the local crowd, not just digitally as we’re expanding nationwide and different cities come with a very different demographic.

And there you have it! So the next time your looking to sell that old Nissan in your garage, think Carsome!

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