Brand Storytelling: Being More Human.

by Aiman
brand storytelling

One way in which brands can better connect to their customers is through the method of brand storytelling. These days, it’s all fast-paced and content-driven. In the world of digital marketing, content is key, but adding to this, companies are now starting to reach the same level as their customers, giving a more human and personal touch. 

No longer d companies strive on being a faceless entity, these days more and more marketing campaign s are becoming more personalised, and one such way this is being done is through brand storytelling. 

Brand storytelling, as the name suggests, is when the company shares their story with their customers. The story could be about how the company came into fruition or what inspired the creators to create the brand. The story can include what mission objectives, goals or aspirations the company may have when providing their service to those who need it. 

In terms of marketing, brand storytelling can provide a glimpse of the culture of your company and what it does to meet its goals. It can help show a more relatable side of your company to potential customers. 

Brand Storytelling: A Must-Have.

brand storytelling

Before the rise of digital marketing, companies didn’t value the potential brand storytelling has, but now, with social media all around and the increased reliance and dependence on content, companies that do not share their brand stories will only fall behind. 

But, do not mistake a brand’s story for something you will find on the ‘About Us’ page. It needs to be more than that. The content of a brand story must have some degree of quality and must not be limited to just paragraphs that drone on-and-on about your company. It needs to somehow connect with the audience. That’s the main focus here.

To connect.

Benefits of Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling can bring about a variety of advantages for your company and it’s marketing efforts. These advantages include:

Better Engagement With Customers

brand storytelling

As mentioned above, when you tell the story of your brand, it can create a more personal feel between your company and your customers. By having that extra personal touch, the customer will be able to relate to your company more as they become more engaged in your brand.

These days, it is not enough to simply market yourselves as being a company that provides so and so. People want to know how dedicated you are in providing that product or service, they want to know why and how you will go about doing it.

Sharing the story of your brand, which can include moments of struggles, moments of success and the reason why it exists, can give a glimpse into the foundation of your company. In the end, people are a sucker for underdog stories, so let your company and brand be that underdog in the brand story. Because, in the end, all companies and brands were built on a need, an idea thought up by a person or persons who wish to improve the world in their way. 

A Chance to Stand Out

brand storytelling

When you have a company and a brand, there is a 100% chance that there are other’s who are in the same industry and field, offering the same services and products as your own company does. Besides the quality and design of the products or services, a brand story can give your company a chance to better stand out among the rest.

Sure you can throw in some statistics, graphs and customer reviews at anyone who visits your website, but a good brand story is what can be the winning throw of it all. 

Makes Your Brand More Human

brand storytelling

As a company, you should strive to be more personal and empathetic to your customer’s needs and why their needs require your product or service.

A brand needs to be real, and not some John Doe or Mary Sue type character of a story where you set yourselves as being this perfect entity. Because when you do that, no one can relate to you, because no one is perfect. 

By sharing your company’s struggles, challenges, successes and values, you can personify your brand, making it just as human as the person going through and reading your brand story. 

A Chance to Create Lively Content

brand storytelling
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The beauty of storytelling content or just content in general for marketing is that you are not limited to the type of content to put out. For instance, you are not limited to just mere paragraphs of texts to tell your brand story, you can make it a video, a slide show, an infographic and so on. As long as the message and story of your brand are told, the way you can do it can be different.

How To Create A Brand Story

Now the thing with storytelling is that it needs to be done right.
You will need to formulate words to invoke emotions of those reading the story. Here are some basic principles to follow when writing up a brand story:

Consider The Parts That Can Be Turned Into Stories
To create a story, you need to look upon your own company and ask yourselves some questions. Like, why are you doing the things you do? What drives you to provide the service? What needs of the people are you giving? And so on.

Some customer research can be done to further understand what your customers like about your brand and product, along with what could be improved. From that, you can build a story along the way. 

Create A Hero
Every story has a protagonist, a character in which the readers root for. So by making sure your brand story has a hero, be it the founder or founders of the company, you can ensure that you have created an engaging piece of content.

Once you have established that hero, there needs to be a goal and desire they must meet. So tell the readers how the hero might go on to achieve that goal. 

Our lives are full of conflict, all good stories also have some form of conflict. So, in your own brand story, there needs to be some. Mention the obstacles that the hero needs to get over to achieve their goal, mention times where the hero was struck down. By showing the flaws of a hero, the readers can empathise and relate to them. 

Develop The Character of The Hero.
Every well-written protagonist goes through some form of character development. Look back the changes your brand and company has made over the years, and use that as a start to having some character development for your hero. 

Keep it Simple
Remember to keep the story simple, don’t make your brand story a full-on saga with multiple books and spin-offs. Put in the most necessary of details and make the story memorable.

Continue To Develop and Refine
Last but not least, always refine and update the story, and aim to perfect it. Good stories are not writer overnight, after all, some take much longer than that to be perfected. Also, be sure to continue the add on to the story, after all, your brand’s story isn’t over yet, it is still going. Important changes or events that take place should be included in your story, especially of said events have changed the course of your company. 


So in all, the main take away from this is that having a brand story is great! It is a must if anything. Now, understandably, not everyone is an artist in words. If you are a small business you might not have time to focus on creating an engaging story when you are focused on other tasks like managing your products and customers. Luckily, there are always freelance writers and digital marketing agencies like Sterrific, that can help create a good brand story while you work on your logistical operations. 

If you’re looking for an agency that can help in creating content-based marketing, along with improving your SEO and so on, drop us a message! With years of experience, we’ll be sure to help rank your website to the first page and create engaging content for your customers and audience.

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